Is there anybody there...?

Well!  Golly! This is all rather embarrassing. Yikes.  I think I might have exhausted myself with that last house tour and needed a little sit down and a rest.  For THREE YEARS it seems.  Whoops! 

No, I'll tell you what really happened.  Bloody Pinterest that's what.  ADDICTED. 
ADD. IC. TED.  There I was, kidding myself that I was gathering ideas for the blog like a little nerdy yet aesthetic magpie and instead I was just pinning 4,000 images of white sofas and Kartell Ghosts complete with artfully slung sheepskins.  Oh and hairstyles.  Which all look like my own, actual hairstyle.  Anyway, if you want have a penchant for sheepskin adorned seating or want to see many, many pictures of ladies with fringes here is the Project 74 board! (I jest, there are  plenty of other gorgeous pins too.)

Aaaaaand in other news, we have moved. Number 74 is officially someone else's project now because just over three years ago we moved the fam to my hometown of York. Yeah, I know! It rather surprised us too.  After 15 years down south, a combination of having The Baby, wanting to be closer to family and a rather hellish daily commute for Allanis we decided it might be time to you know...change stuff.  It wasn't an easy decision because we LOVED where we lived before.  Yeah the house was great and all but (and this may surprise you that I think this way) a house is just a house and I wasn't overly attached to it, but gosh am I attached to our friends that are still there? Oh boy am I and I miss them horribly.  It sucks.  But it's also great.  Which is confusing.  But the exciting thing is that we have an absolute stonker of a home which we all adore and we can make fantastic and most importantly being here has enabled us to improve our day to day lives in terms of how much we all see one another which is a bit bloody important in the grand scheme of things isn't it.

And for those of you who read the blog before, the other good news is that I have my white sofa.  At last.  And it has a sheepskin on it.  (Natch).

There will be more soon.  It's good to be back loves!



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