HOLD THE PHONE YOU LOT!  I was going to post something else this afternoon but I just came across this absolute gem of a house tour and I wanted to share it IMMÉDIATEMENT! Quick quick!

It's an eclectic duplex apartment designed and renovated by architects Björn and Marianne Aaro for Filippa Knutsson that is currently for sale in Stockholm.  It isn't often that I love every single image of a house tour but this in an exception.  I am an enormous fan of Swedish design and this is just fabulous. Anyway, I'm babbling, let's just get on with it shall we...?

This is the outside.  Interesting..

This is the entrance hall. (If a hallway looks that good you know what's going to come next is going to be a winner don't you?)
What's this?

Oh just a bit of fancypants custom built storage for this ACES kitchen, that's what. I am swooning at that overlarge banquette.  (I need to get out more loves, please send help...)

 And then THIS.  The lighting is great.  Those enormous doors are majestic.  The luxe simplicity of it all is so...Swedish. Brilliant.

 If you have read this blog for a while you will know that I am easily bowled over by a good bit of curtaining.  That is a well executed drape right there.  And the mix of materials and muted palette mean that that wooden ceiling isn't in any way oppressive, which it could easily have been.

Calm. Serene.  More good curtaining.  Nice.

This is a really good use of space.  Heaps of storage without overwhelming the room.  Well played.

Is that a tagine dish?  Whatevs. Still love it.

These rooms are great...

And I am a massive fan of this bathroom.  I don't know about you but it feels a bit 80's to me.  But not in a bad way, which is genius.

  And there's even a wee terrace with a dusting of snow.

What do you think?  As much of a fan as me?  Are you going to buy it?  Can I come and stay?


all images via {homedsgn}


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