paris in the (almost) springtime

Righto all.  House tour time.  We did New York on Tuesday so what next?  Paris?  Yeah, ok!

I fell in love with Allanis in Paris so it will always have a very special place in my heart. (Ahhhh.)  We stayed at a fabulous little hotel on the outskirts and had our own private share of a magical garden .  It was officially perfect.  I shan't go on for fear of boring you quite horrifically but with romance in mind let's have a look at this Parisian house...

It's soft and feminine to the maximum with powder pink drapes, rustic wood finishes and chandeliers a go go. Oh!  And that parquet!  How I miss that from our old flat.  (True fact about don' really need to clean it up much.  Somehow dirt disappears.  It is actually magic, I am convinced.)

Love the simplicity...

...and the juxtaposition of the masculinity of this room.  That's what makes the whole thing work in my mind.

And that it's in Paris.


J'adore.  Have a super weekend everyone.

images via a {white carousel}


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