wythe not?

Morning lovaroonies, all well?  Good weekend?  Gooooood! So I said I had a hotel to show you. Here it is.

I might have mentioned (several times) my incredible love for New York.  I can't explain how much I adore that city, just that it is immense.  Allanis might (and I think the might is included to soften the blow slightly) but *might* have to head over there with work soon. He told me whilst I was holding a garlic press and I think my knuckles might have actually turned white.  Not that I mind him going places! Hell no!  Go for it my love I say!  Fly my pretty!  Just not to New bloody York. The lucky, lucky thing.

I shan't dwell on it.  Let's just move swiftly on with looking at this hotel shall we?  It's The Wythe and it's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The decor is terribly democratic, with the differentiation seemingly being the size of room as opposed to the style and attention to detail which I really approve of.  Nice touch The Wythe. Decor is spare with exposed beams, brickwork (it's an old factory) and and air of low key glamour.

Such as...

Those bedside tables are excellent. As is the lighting.

And yes, the neighbours are close.  IT'S BROOKLYN.  Who cares!

The bathrooms are minimalist actual heaven...

...or are they?  I can't fault this.

 And a mini bar done like this, rather than a tricky, mean looking little fridgette is always going to go down well with me.

EVEN THE PHONE IS A JOY!  Attention. To. Detail.  I. Love. It.

And then there's this.  A loft at The Wythe looks a little like this.  With a view across The Manhattan skyline and shards of sunlight like that. 

C'est magique.

all images via {the wythe}


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