Let's crack straight on with a house tour shall we lovettes?  Do you remember how enamoured I was with that extractor hood all those many moons ago?  No? Oh you do, don't punish me for my months of silence, it was this one and it was SUCH an extractor fan that I just know you remember you cheeky imps.  Anyway, here is the house of the uber talented Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Andrew Highsmith who were responsible for THAT hood.  It's an 850sq ft apartment in Cobble Hill NYC and it's a place where they live, work, entertain...

Their design ethos is to 'buy once' and to 'reuse and reinvent' so there are many inherited pieces in the apartment. I completely agree.  I have a few pieces of furniture that I am so bloody emotionally attached to I am quite sure I shall be buried with them.  I have lugged a chest of drawers from 1st flats, to university, from rental to rental...it is more battered as a result but even more loved.  And my Granddad's bureau which has been repainted such a staggering amount of times I'm convinced it has almost doubled in size.  But good for Brechbuehler & Highsmith and I love how they have used these various inherited and found treasures to showcase small collections of other items like those seen atop the piano.

It's a studio flat and you can see the bedroom from the office and living space. All of their clothes and...stuff is concealed by burlap curtains and they use the office space a s a dining room at night.  So it's fortunate that they do what they do and there aren't spreadsheets tacked to the walls etc...that wouldn't be as restful as you tucked into a spag bol of an evening would it?

Do you love it?  I love it.  Here's the rest...(and it's good to be back).

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