Tuesday, 26 February 2013

wythe not?

Morning lovaroonies, all well?  Good weekend?  Gooooood! So I said I had a hotel to show you. Here it is.

I might have mentioned (several times) my incredible love for New York.  I can't explain how much I adore that city, just that it is immense.  Allanis might (and I think the might is included to soften the blow slightly) but *might* have to head over there with work soon. He told me whilst I was holding a garlic press and I think my knuckles might have actually turned white.  Not that I mind him going places! Hell no!  Go for it my love I say!  Fly my pretty!  Just not to New bloody York. The lucky, lucky thing.

I shan't dwell on it.  Let's just move swiftly on with looking at this hotel shall we?  It's The Wythe and it's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The decor is terribly democratic, with the differentiation seemingly being the size of room as opposed to the style and attention to detail which I really approve of.  Nice touch The Wythe. Decor is spare with exposed beams, brickwork (it's an old factory) and and air of low key glamour.

Such as...

Those bedside tables are excellent. As is the lighting.

And yes, the neighbours are close.  IT'S BROOKLYN.  Who cares!

The bathrooms are minimalist actual heaven...

...or are they?  I can't fault this.

 And a mini bar done like this, rather than a tricky, mean looking little fridgette is always going to go down well with me.

EVEN THE PHONE IS A JOY!  Attention. To. Detail.  I. Love. It.

And then there's this.  A loft at The Wythe looks a little like this.  With a view across The Manhattan skyline and shards of sunlight like that. 

C'est magique.

all images via {the wythe}

Friday, 22 February 2013

step in to my office

Woah there Jenna!  Woaaaah! Just relaxing in the office in a Pam Hogg/Terry Richardson/Anna Piaggi inspired get up there? I like it!  (This picture is only relevant in that The Lyons is in an office.)  And so...

Allanis has taken to working from home from time to time.  He doesn't have quite such a spectacular outfit to wear as Madame Lyons whilst doing so I'm afraid but we can work on that. The Baby (who is of course absolutely not a Baby any longer but The Toddler doesn't slip off the tongue so easily so I'm keeping that moniker for now) and I LOVE having him at home but the thing is, Working From Home really means that.  There are no inverted commas here. So he needs a bit of peace and quiet.  Thankfully the bureau that I mentioned before serves as a fabulous desk space but the rest of the spare room needs bringing up to scratch so, I have been hunting about the image banks for some inspiration. The thing about an work space at home is that you don't want it to be all intrays and staplers and biros with lost lids and those weird elastic band balls that always seem to be kicking about. Unobtrusive and practical you know? Sounds a bit dull but it doesn't have to be. Here are some of my faves...

This desk looks a bit like a rustic cluttered shelf to me but oh! Those chairs!

This would be perfect for my beautiful friend Tiggy.  Florist extraordinaire  and purveyor of the most exquisite chinashe deserves a space as pretty as this to work in. 

This is a cute wee nook if you're short on space.  That lamp might possibly drive me bonkers. And you couldn't meet with anyone especially tall or they'd have their eye out. But you might have fairly average sized friends/colleagues and in that case, here you are.  You're welcome!

This is perfectly unobtrusive.  Practical and yet still aesthetically pleasing.  Who'd have thought it?

This on the other hand is very small.  But if you only need a laptop and a notepad something like this would work perfectly. (Love that wall colour with the warm wood too.)

And here my loves, we apparently have Marie Antoinette's desk space. A bit much?  Yes! But as my Grandmother always used to say, it takes all sorts. (I'm guessing something like this would be met with open mouthed horror by Allanis, which might be good for a laugh.)

And here is the polar opposite.  It's a bit Schoolroom Utility isn't it but I like it. (I am also obsessed with those portraits. I can't work out if I really like them or if they might possibly give me nightmares for ever more. Who are they by?!)

And don't forget the chair.  I will place the kibosh on any suggestion of a common or garden wheely abouty office chair ever entering my home.  No.  Not happening.  You want comfort you go Eames and That Is That. This was my last desk chair when I was at work and if I could have smuggled it out when I left, heavily pregnant and damp of eye I would have done.  Bloody excellent piece of design. I could bore for Britain about my love for The Eames' and their genius but I'll spare you.  I'm aware we all have weekends to get started on in a matter of hours.

And this is my absolute favourite. Gorgeousness. And not obtrusive at all (if you have a MASSIVE room to put it in.)
House tour and a quite fabulous hotel coming next week treasures. Have a good weekend y'all!

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

am i the only one...

...that fully expects a lamp such as this

or this...

to start leaping about the place like the Pixar ones?

Life is not a cartoon Hayley. Repeat.  Life is not a cartoon.

(But I mean, I really do. )

images via {from the right bank & rue 39}

Friday, 15 February 2013

natural neon brain train

My brain works in funny ways.  I remember images very clearly.  You see I saw this...
and it immediately made me think of this mantel, which I have admired for an absolute age. I mean, that's a nice mantel right there.  It's like a dappled pony.  With trophies.. A trophy pony mantel.

And then that reminded me of this dipped paint finish...

and the cogs carried on whirring and I thought about these two...

and then I had a "Oh now hang oooon!" moment and I thought about this.

I am rubbish at maths.  I can't do directions to save my actual life. But I can remember beautiful things very easily. So...that's...useful.

Have a great weekend loves.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Let's crack straight on with a house tour shall we lovettes?  Do you remember how enamoured I was with that extractor hood all those many moons ago?  No? Oh you do, don't punish me for my months of silence, it was this one and it was SUCH an extractor fan that I just know you remember you cheeky imps.  Anyway, here is the house of the uber talented Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Andrew Highsmith who were responsible for THAT hood.  It's an 850sq ft apartment in Cobble Hill NYC and it's a place where they live, work, entertain...

Their design ethos is to 'buy once' and to 'reuse and reinvent' so there are many inherited pieces in the apartment. I completely agree.  I have a few pieces of furniture that I am so bloody emotionally attached to I am quite sure I shall be buried with them.  I have lugged a chest of drawers from 1st flats, to university, from rental to rental...it is more battered as a result but even more loved.  And my Granddad's bureau which has been repainted such a staggering amount of times I'm convinced it has almost doubled in size.  But good for Brechbuehler & Highsmith and I love how they have used these various inherited and found treasures to showcase small collections of other items like those seen atop the piano.

It's a studio flat and you can see the bedroom from the office and living space. All of their clothes and...stuff is concealed by burlap curtains and they use the office space a s a dining room at night.  So it's fortunate that they do what they do and there aren't spreadsheets tacked to the walls etc...that wouldn't be as restful as you tucked into a spag bol of an evening would it?

Do you love it?  I love it.  Here's the rest...(and it's good to be back).

images via {1,3&5 apartment therapy 2,6&7 design sponge 4,8&9 ny times}

frankly, ridiculous

...and I listened to him loves! Oooooh how I listened.  But the thing is, Frankie doesn't have a blog to write does he? I've been relaxing now since October.  I'm not going to start making excuses*. ONWARD!
 *it's all actual Frankie's fault though.