all that glitters

The Baby has been pottering about this week calling everything 'Baby'.  I am apparently his Baby. But then so is the sweeping brush which he is very much enamoured with and the washing machine where he is tending to deposit my car keys (who also probably answer to the name of Baby.) It's all terribly confusing.  As is this house tour.  Sort of.

When I first saw it on The Glitter Guide I thought it was fabulousity itself.  But then I looked at it again this morning (in between wrestling the sweeping brush away from His Lordship and retrieving the keys) and I thought...well, hmmph.  Hmmpharino!  Because it is great but I don't covet anything and I don't think wowzers about anything in particular.  And I wondered why I loved it so much in the first place.  And then I realised...I am in love with Marlien Rentmeester's trouser collection.  I am taken by her trouser because essentially I am her trouser twin, and I got carried away and thought I wanted to live in her house. It can happen, you know?

So let's have a look shall we.  Up there, up top I mean, that's a great picture.  And I am a fan of the mantle.  I am a fan of a un-uniformed mantle display.  Not bookending.  So that's acers.  And it's black and white so of know me.  I adore everything about that picture. But then the rest of the photos got me baffled.

And then I thought haaang on a second...I do actually love it.  Without doubt it's a beautiful, well thought out and well lived in home.  Bravo on both your trouser and your decor Ms Rentmeester.  The thing that got me confused was that it isn't exactly my taste.  But how boring is it only to like a certain thing.  It made me think that this is exactly like being in a mate's house that is just gorgeous, and you love being there but decor's just not how you would do it.  Vive la bloody difference I say because it's fantastic to like something and enjoy being somewhere that is different to how you'd do it.  Don't you think?

Yes? Or no?  Let's crack on regardless shall we because I think yes...

I would fall off that sofa attemping to slump against a missing arm.  But so what?  So.  What.

Marlien would probably suggest we adjourn to this sofa.  Where I could slump happily.  (I think she looks like that kind of woman.  Not fazed by a slump incident, just like 'Hell!  Let's adjourn!'(etc.))

She is that kind of woman isn't she?  She has such a great way with a trouser, she couldn't not be.  Her kitchen is a bit too sort of cottagey for me.  Do you think she's be bothered?  Of course she wouldn't...

because I would have already gone into raptures about her excellent choice of cooker so she'd be feeling pretty pleased with herself.  (Look guys, that is a nice cooker OK.  It's not dull to appreciate a cooker.)

 That is a nice marble counter top too.  

And if I stayed over, after the slump, and perhaps a cocktail or two and a chat about the exact length a crop tapered leg needs to be for actual perfection to happen, (I have theories about this) I'd be over the moon to crash here.  Would I do my bedroom like this?  No!  Does it mean I don't love it?  No!

What I do adore is that leopard print carpeting.  Allanis' head would spin if I suggested that I just know it.  Ah!  Such is life.

And boom.  There you go.  That's the trouser to end all trouser with Breton combos.  How could I even doubt her?  Of course it's gorgeous.  As is she.  And hurrah for getting me to think outside of the black and white Scandi box for a while Marlien Rentmeester.  I mean sure, I'll be heading straight back in to that box forthwith but that doesn't mean we shouldn't appreciate something a bit different does it dolls?  Now Marlien has a fashion blog called Le Catch which is one of my new favourites,  I suggest you have a look, I think you'll like it too.

Hope you've all had a good week.  More soon.

H x

{all images via: The Glitter Guide}


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