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So here it is.  The light that creeps. Me. Actually. Out.

Aghhh!  I MEAN SERIOUSLY!  I am usually all for an urban industrial fixture or fitting but this really gives me the creeps. Yeauch. What do you think?  Too arachnid for comfort?  It's the Dear Ingo by Moooi if you're interested but I tell you what, if you put that bad boy up over your dining room please don't invite me for tea.  Can we eat out instead? OK good, thank you.

Here it is again...

Nope.  Still hate it.

So that's not my cup of tea but I'm all for a dramatic lighting statement. This is amazoid...

And this.  Just look at this. So delicate and beautiful.  Love it.


 This is a bit bonkers but for a hotel lobby it would be a fantastic installation.  I mean, it wouldn't work so well in your average living room, you know?  But it's really gorgeous.  It has a sort of urban Alice in Wonderlandeqsue dreamy feel.

And this is just perfection.  After working as a receptionist for years I am a bit obsessed with the impact a lobby space can make.  Get it wrong and you have people hangig about feeling ill at ease, uncomforable and unimpressed.  Get it right and ta-da! You get a space like this.  

And not an arachnic angleposise in sight dolls...phew.

{images via 1. convoy 2. pinterest 3.where my house 4 & 5. lost source, 6. where my house}


  1. Hahaha. I completely agree with you on the spider industrial-esque light.

    I love the dreamy floating candlelight in the fourth picture.

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone Annie Wang! And isn't that floaty gorgeousness just so much nicer? (I love Frites & Fries by the way!) Hx


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