the sofa that started it all

Do you remember the white sofa that started all white sofa lust at No 74?  Yeah you do, it was this one:

Oh God!  And those bloody curtains.  I had forgotten about the curtains.  Well anyway, I've had this image kicking around for months now

and would you flipping Adam and Eve it...they're only from the same house aren't they?  You know what 's coming?  HOUSE TOUR PEOPLE....!

So this is that from a different angle.  I am a BIG fan of that lighting for our kitchen lemme tell you. 

I don't know how relaxing I'd find it having that skull staring me out whilst I catch up on The Real Housewives of an afternoon whilst The Baby naps (more Housewives to come, no I'm actually not joking) but I like the rest of it.

There's a few nice gold fittings kicking about at the moment you know.  I was in a glorious interiors shop this afternoon (with NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED signs slapped all over the place much to my chagrin) and there were a few really nice bronzey goldy coloured shower heads there too. I would have loved to of got a shot to show you but I might have been arrested or something, they seemed very certain about there being NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED.  Agh! That reminds me, I've got a really nice kitchen to show you with the loveliest gold extractor.  Honestly, you'll be crazy about it.  Anyway, I digress...where were we...?

Here we are.  My mother isn't a fan of seeing either pipework or wires.  I'm at peace with a bit of wire action but this is a pipe too far for me.  But I'm not turning my nose up completely.  And I like that loo roll holder and the walls.  Love the walls!  Pipe schmipe.

And here's a kids bedroom.  I would love to see the master for this place.  I will endeavour to find an image.

Right then.  Real Housewives and the Extractor Hood of Joy next kids.  You.  Just.  Wait.


{images via skona hem}


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