I'll cut right to the chase on this one folks. I am addicted to The Real Housewives of New York. I can't get enough of it.  Really.  Orange County?  Watched a few, loathed it.  New Jersey?  Never seen it.  There are more?  I'm not interested.  It's only because it's in New York that I love it, because if I can't be there swanning about the place I'm going to watch other people are doing the swanning.  I know it's not highbrow buuuut we all have our moments...OK?  Good.  Now one of the 'Housewives' is this lady...

Kelly Killoren Bensimon.  Opinion on her is split but I'm not interested in who said what to who or what the deal is with the jelly beans* because all I am interested in really is her style.  I LOVE IT.  Her apartment is the stuff my NYC dreams are made of.  Frustratingly there are hardly any images to be found of it but here are what I could get.

There is a horse as a sort of equine room divider.  A horse!  Why don't we have one of those?  Man!  I need to get me a Goddamn room dividing horse. Next!

This does nothing for my vertigo but there aren't that many pictures for me to get picky about what to use.  I am very interested in the metallic floor lights. I would like something similar for No 74.  Terrance Conran for M&S is happy to sell me a bronze coloured one but I don't want bronze thanks all the same Terry.  I would like one like KKB's.  Damn it.

Here's the dining table dressed differently and from a much more sensible angle.  I think that shark
is silly.  Horse yes, half a shark...not so much.  Just my opinion.  Nice sheepskin throws.  (There are some of those on the way to us for a bit of a living room shake up you know...yes there are!)

Here is the living room.  There area lot of seating options right there.  That velvet sofa is right up my street.


Look, she's so comfortable and pleased.  That's nice!

But wait!  She's got one of those weird lights wearing a tiered skirt like Joséphine Gintzburger.    What is it with these lights in skirts? I think they're oddness. Oh whatever, she has really nice hair...
This is her bedroom.  What you can't see is how the low ceiling and white gloss floorboards make the white space enveloping and cosy whilst still looking crisp.  Nice. And she has embraced the open storage.  I need to embrace that a bit because the clothes rail is still just a clothes rail in our bedroom. Very much open storage but not quite as planned and ordered looking as KKB's.  Hmmphf.

That's all I could find of the NYC apartment.  Here are some of her place in the Hamptons. This living room is heaven.  I really like the art.  And of course there are white sofas soooo, you know.  It had me at hello really.

This is the kitchen.  I mean you don't need me to point that out, it's obvious.  It's good.  Stainless steel kitchens usually don't work for me but I like how this one is softened up with the wood table, the chairs and the chandelier.

That's all I got for you loves but you like?  You want a resin horse now too? Yeah you do!

{images: all sources lost! if they're yours let me know and I'll credit them!}


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