hooray for hollywood

Oh I mean, I know.  It's ridiculous isn't it?  Let me tell you what happened.  So I was all back in the zone and feeling all POW POW POW about the posts I had coming up and then my (new) laptop just...died.  It gave me a technological "pffft" and remained resolutely off.  It got sent away, got fixed, got sent back and then The Baby turned a whole One year old (and because he's a bit of a diva his birthday celebrations spanned a full week) and THEN we went on holiday.  But, we are back, technology is on my side and I'm POW POWY again.  It's all going to be OK.  Let's brush all this absence under our imaginary Weinrib luxe rugs and crack on with...Hollywood Regency. Yes?  Yes!

Now, about 70 years ago or so my friend JC and I were discussing the decor for her art deco era property. I'll be frank, although I am a massive fan of art deco era architecture (and I realise this is a gig old generalisation) I'm not mad keen on the full on deco look for an interior. So here's an alternative option from the same era.  And it's glizty people!

Hollywood Regency kicked off  in the 1930's when cinema was having a boom time to say the least. So it's no surprise that it's a theatrical kind of look.  What I love about it is that the design is focused on making each space a destination...stunning to look at but importantly, comfortable and enjoyable to be in too.  I mean that's what you want isn't it?  The furniture is richly coloured, soft furnishings are plush, mirrors feature - a LOT, there is dramatic flair a go-go and there are fainting couches people.  FAINTING COUCHES.  (I can't tell you how much I adore this. It makes a potentially hazardous state of collapse sound alluring.)  Elements of Art Deco interior design are there...clean lines, glossy black lacquering etc but for me putting a up to date spin on it makes it altogether a fresher look to go for.  You want to see what I mean?  OK.


 I mean you'd have to be wearing a sequin or something to sit on that couch but is that such a bad thing?  Not necessarily my prettys, not necessarily.

This is a bit more serious because it's clearly an office space and office spaces are for serious business.  I'd like to think you could still rock a sequin if you frowned and looked over your spectacles slightly haughtily whilst typing noisily and importantly.

And this is lovely.  Hollywood Glamour bedrooms always look hotel-y to me and this is no expectation.  How BIG are those actual lampshades though?  Woah.  That's a whole lotta illumination right there.

And this.  This is really chic.

Admittedly these are all very perfect and pristine looks and let's face it, life isn't like that.  But taking elements like crisp white wall and a carefully chosen oversized lamp, a mirrored side table, a bit of Greek key and a bonkers colourful piece of furniture would help complement an Art Deco property without having to commit to flying ducks and a display cabinet of Clarisse Cliffe pottery, you know?  For more inspiration for a modern take on the Hollywood Glamour look take a look at the fabulous Jamie Meare's Furbish studio via I Suwannee

And check out Kelly Wearstler.  She calls her look 'retro theartical' and has been massively influenced by Hollywood Glamour interior designers William Haines and Dorothy Draper.  She worked some ace retro theatrics in Trina Turk's palm springs store...

And gave the Viceroy, Palm Springs a massive dose of style.  I am a big fan of that bedroom curtaining.  (Still obsessed with the curtaining you'll be pleased to hear...)

So what do we think?  You like?  I like.  Right.  More POW POWYness soon loves.  I'm out of practise but let's get back on that decor pony and like, do a design gymkhana or...something.

Night for now,

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