counting sheep

We had a bit of a reshuffle at No 74 yesterday ready for the arrival of the white sofas.  That's right.  They're coming.  We need to sell the leather sofa first otherwise we'll be knee deep in soft seating options but they're going to be ours, the decision has been MADE.  (Anyone want a leather sofa, it's nice?)  So we reshuffled.  I'm not so sure the new set up works but we'll live with it for a few days and see.  In the meantime we have issues.  We're getting an ottoman and I'm going to chuck a sheepskin on it to make it extra cosy.  Nice!  (That isn't the issue.)  The problem is our armchair.  It's a really nice club chair but we don't like the fabric it's in.  It's either got to get a loose cover made for it or we'll just chuck some sheepskins on that too.  But, that could be a whole lotta sheepskin.  I know it won't be long until we have to admit that summer is properly over and we'll want to be cosy and snugly indoors but there's a fine line between a few throws here and there and then looking like I'm Bo Peeping it up and getting amongst my flock you know?  Here's some nice pictures of sheepskins in situ whilst I put some more thought in to that....

OK so yes.  This is good.  Cosy! 

If Jenna Lyons has done it, it should be done.  
This is really nice but my armchair is much more...blousey than that neat little number there.  (Love the colours in this.)

I like this a lot.


 And this.  Not sure if I really like that light fitting or...if I absolutely hate it.  Odd.
Cosious maximus but that sinister candelabra is putting me off.  (We need to discuss my lighting fear don't we? A problem shared is a problem halved and all that jazz....)


And on sofas?  YES!

Aghhhh!  NO!  This one is horrible! That's not a sheep's coat.  It's a mammoth's....or something.  (Really nice cabinetry though, I don't like to be overly negative you know me.)

That one has scared me.  Perhaps I need to think more about loose covers.  Yes! Sunshiny bright and distinctly unmammothy...

or floral retro might work.   Opinions loves?  Let's get all Carrie Bradshaw and chew our pens and ponder..."how much sheep in the home is too much?" Have you ever thought about it? Well perhaps now's the time!

Alarming lighting coming up next.  You can all look forward to that one. (Shudder.)



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