all good in the hood

I told you it was coming.  The Extractor Hood of Joy.  Ready?

THERE YOU GO.  What do you think?  It's bronzey and brassy for heavens sake! That's just KITCHEN FABULOSITY!  The EHJ lives in a Brooklyn apartment with these people.  I wish they were waving in this picture it would have worked better for me, but no matter...

I think they are breakfasting.  Let's leave them to it and have a look at what the designers Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Highsmith did with the rest of the kitchen shall we....
OK, so the the breakfasting owners tidied up the toast crumbs faster than Allanis and I would before sitting down of a morning. That's good.  They're keeping that walnut wraparound worktop pristine I see.  Excellent.

Brechbuehler and Highsmith have used a subtle palette, allowing the brass accenting to provide the 'colour' in the apartment.  Apparently most of the brass they saw was 'intolerably antiqued' (which is brilliantly derisory, I hope they sneered as they said it).  When they found the right tap in the wrong colour they had it stripped and had it replated.  That's dedication to the cause folks.

And wait! Do you spy that little power point on the right and the brass embellishment on the cooker?  BAM.  Attention to detail! Nice work.

The kitchen bumph is hidden away in these clever cupboards under the stairs (and you know how much I love a nicely executed storage solution). Cute brushed brass handles too.

The walls and woodwork are painted in a muted palette that doesn't compete with the brass or make it look, well, brassy.  Brassy would be bad news.  The walls of the living space are Manor House Grey Farrow and Ball fiends.  (You're welcome!) Sliding doors lead through to the office without infringing on living space.

The lighting is the designers own, made from steel pipe rods and is just on the right side of edgy for me.  I keep finding lights actually scary they're so damn edgey.  We'll discuss that when I'm feeling brave enough but for now, bravo Brechbuehler and Highsmith and your correctly set edgeometer!  I salute you and your brass bits and bobs.  Nice work.
H xxx
{images via: dwell}


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