Wednesday, 29 August 2012

counting sheep

We had a bit of a reshuffle at No 74 yesterday ready for the arrival of the white sofas.  That's right.  They're coming.  We need to sell the leather sofa first otherwise we'll be knee deep in soft seating options but they're going to be ours, the decision has been MADE.  (Anyone want a leather sofa, it's nice?)  So we reshuffled.  I'm not so sure the new set up works but we'll live with it for a few days and see.  In the meantime we have issues.  We're getting an ottoman and I'm going to chuck a sheepskin on it to make it extra cosy.  Nice!  (That isn't the issue.)  The problem is our armchair.  It's a really nice club chair but we don't like the fabric it's in.  It's either got to get a loose cover made for it or we'll just chuck some sheepskins on that too.  But, that could be a whole lotta sheepskin.  I know it won't be long until we have to admit that summer is properly over and we'll want to be cosy and snugly indoors but there's a fine line between a few throws here and there and then looking like I'm Bo Peeping it up and getting amongst my flock you know?  Here's some nice pictures of sheepskins in situ whilst I put some more thought in to that....

OK so yes.  This is good.  Cosy! 

If Jenna Lyons has done it, it should be done.  
This is really nice but my armchair is much more...blousey than that neat little number there.  (Love the colours in this.)

I like this a lot.


 And this.  Not sure if I really like that light fitting or...if I absolutely hate it.  Odd.
Cosious maximus but that sinister candelabra is putting me off.  (We need to discuss my lighting fear don't we? A problem shared is a problem halved and all that jazz....)


And on sofas?  YES!

Aghhhh!  NO!  This one is horrible! That's not a sheep's coat.  It's a mammoth's....or something.  (Really nice cabinetry though, I don't like to be overly negative you know me.)

That one has scared me.  Perhaps I need to think more about loose covers.  Yes! Sunshiny bright and distinctly unmammothy...

or floral retro might work.   Opinions loves?  Let's get all Carrie Bradshaw and chew our pens and ponder..."how much sheep in the home is too much?" Have you ever thought about it? Well perhaps now's the time!

Alarming lighting coming up next.  You can all look forward to that one. (Shudder.)


Thursday, 23 August 2012


I'll cut right to the chase on this one folks. I am addicted to The Real Housewives of New York. I can't get enough of it.  Really.  Orange County?  Watched a few, loathed it.  New Jersey?  Never seen it.  There are more?  I'm not interested.  It's only because it's in New York that I love it, because if I can't be there swanning about the place I'm going to watch other people are doing the swanning.  I know it's not highbrow buuuut we all have our moments...OK?  Good.  Now one of the 'Housewives' is this lady...

Kelly Killoren Bensimon.  Opinion on her is split but I'm not interested in who said what to who or what the deal is with the jelly beans* because all I am interested in really is her style.  I LOVE IT.  Her apartment is the stuff my NYC dreams are made of.  Frustratingly there are hardly any images to be found of it but here are what I could get.

There is a horse as a sort of equine room divider.  A horse!  Why don't we have one of those?  Man!  I need to get me a Goddamn room dividing horse. Next!

This does nothing for my vertigo but there aren't that many pictures for me to get picky about what to use.  I am very interested in the metallic floor lights. I would like something similar for No 74.  Terrance Conran for M&S is happy to sell me a bronze coloured one but I don't want bronze thanks all the same Terry.  I would like one like KKB's.  Damn it.

Here's the dining table dressed differently and from a much more sensible angle.  I think that shark
is silly.  Horse yes, half a shark...not so much.  Just my opinion.  Nice sheepskin throws.  (There are some of those on the way to us for a bit of a living room shake up you know...yes there are!)

Here is the living room.  There area lot of seating options right there.  That velvet sofa is right up my street.


Look, she's so comfortable and pleased.  That's nice!

But wait!  She's got one of those weird lights wearing a tiered skirt like Jos├ęphine Gintzburger.    What is it with these lights in skirts? I think they're oddness. Oh whatever, she has really nice hair...
This is her bedroom.  What you can't see is how the low ceiling and white gloss floorboards make the white space enveloping and cosy whilst still looking crisp.  Nice. And she has embraced the open storage.  I need to embrace that a bit because the clothes rail is still just a clothes rail in our bedroom. Very much open storage but not quite as planned and ordered looking as KKB's.  Hmmphf.

That's all I could find of the NYC apartment.  Here are some of her place in the Hamptons. This living room is heaven.  I really like the art.  And of course there are white sofas soooo, you know.  It had me at hello really.

This is the kitchen.  I mean you don't need me to point that out, it's obvious.  It's good.  Stainless steel kitchens usually don't work for me but I like how this one is softened up with the wood table, the chairs and the chandelier.

That's all I got for you loves but you like?  You want a resin horse now too? Yeah you do!

{images: all sources lost! if they're yours let me know and I'll credit them!}

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

all good in the hood

I told you it was coming.  The Extractor Hood of Joy.  Ready?

THERE YOU GO.  What do you think?  It's bronzey and brassy for heavens sake! That's just KITCHEN FABULOSITY!  The EHJ lives in a Brooklyn apartment with these people.  I wish they were waving in this picture it would have worked better for me, but no matter...

I think they are breakfasting.  Let's leave them to it and have a look at what the designers Stefanie Brechbuehler and Robert Highsmith did with the rest of the kitchen shall we....
OK, so the the breakfasting owners tidied up the toast crumbs faster than Allanis and I would before sitting down of a morning. That's good.  They're keeping that walnut wraparound worktop pristine I see.  Excellent.

Brechbuehler and Highsmith have used a subtle palette, allowing the brass accenting to provide the 'colour' in the apartment.  Apparently most of the brass they saw was 'intolerably antiqued' (which is brilliantly derisory, I hope they sneered as they said it).  When they found the right tap in the wrong colour they had it stripped and had it replated.  That's dedication to the cause folks.

And wait! Do you spy that little power point on the right and the brass embellishment on the cooker?  BAM.  Attention to detail! Nice work.

The kitchen bumph is hidden away in these clever cupboards under the stairs (and you know how much I love a nicely executed storage solution). Cute brushed brass handles too.

The walls and woodwork are painted in a muted palette that doesn't compete with the brass or make it look, well, brassy.  Brassy would be bad news.  The walls of the living space are Manor House Grey Farrow and Ball fiends.  (You're welcome!) Sliding doors lead through to the office without infringing on living space.

The lighting is the designers own, made from steel pipe rods and is just on the right side of edgy for me.  I keep finding lights actually scary they're so damn edgey.  We'll discuss that when I'm feeling brave enough but for now, bravo Brechbuehler and Highsmith and your correctly set edgeometer!  I salute you and your brass bits and bobs.  Nice work.
H xxx
{images via: dwell}

Thursday, 9 August 2012

the sofa that started it all

Do you remember the white sofa that started all white sofa lust at No 74?  Yeah you do, it was this one:

Oh God!  And those bloody curtains.  I had forgotten about the curtains.  Well anyway, I've had this image kicking around for months now

and would you flipping Adam and Eve it...they're only from the same house aren't they?  You know what 's coming?  HOUSE TOUR PEOPLE....!

So this is that from a different angle.  I am a BIG fan of that lighting for our kitchen lemme tell you. 

I don't know how relaxing I'd find it having that skull staring me out whilst I catch up on The Real Housewives of an afternoon whilst The Baby naps (more Housewives to come, no I'm actually not joking) but I like the rest of it.

There's a few nice gold fittings kicking about at the moment you know.  I was in a glorious interiors shop this afternoon (with NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED signs slapped all over the place much to my chagrin) and there were a few really nice bronzey goldy coloured shower heads there too. I would have loved to of got a shot to show you but I might have been arrested or something, they seemed very certain about there being NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED.  Agh! That reminds me, I've got a really nice kitchen to show you with the loveliest gold extractor.  Honestly, you'll be crazy about it.  Anyway, I digress...where were we...?

Here we are.  My mother isn't a fan of seeing either pipework or wires.  I'm at peace with a bit of wire action but this is a pipe too far for me.  But I'm not turning my nose up completely.  And I like that loo roll holder and the walls.  Love the walls!  Pipe schmipe.

And here's a kids bedroom.  I would love to see the master for this place.  I will endeavour to find an image.

Right then.  Real Housewives and the Extractor Hood of Joy next kids.  You.  Just.  Wait.


{images via skona hem}

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

hooray for hollywood

Oh I mean, I know.  It's ridiculous isn't it?  Let me tell you what happened.  So I was all back in the zone and feeling all POW POW POW about the posts I had coming up and then my (new) laptop just...died.  It gave me a technological "pffft" and remained resolutely off.  It got sent away, got fixed, got sent back and then The Baby turned a whole One year old (and because he's a bit of a diva his birthday celebrations spanned a full week) and THEN we went on holiday.  But, we are back, technology is on my side and I'm POW POWY again.  It's all going to be OK.  Let's brush all this absence under our imaginary Weinrib luxe rugs and crack on with...Hollywood Regency. Yes?  Yes!

Now, about 70 years ago or so my friend JC and I were discussing the decor for her art deco era property. I'll be frank, although I am a massive fan of art deco era architecture (and I realise this is a gig old generalisation) I'm not mad keen on the full on deco look for an interior. So here's an alternative option from the same era.  And it's glizty people!

Hollywood Regency kicked off  in the 1930's when cinema was having a boom time to say the least. So it's no surprise that it's a theatrical kind of look.  What I love about it is that the design is focused on making each space a destination...stunning to look at but importantly, comfortable and enjoyable to be in too.  I mean that's what you want isn't it?  The furniture is richly coloured, soft furnishings are plush, mirrors feature - a LOT, there is dramatic flair a go-go and there are fainting couches people.  FAINTING COUCHES.  (I can't tell you how much I adore this. It makes a potentially hazardous state of collapse sound alluring.)  Elements of Art Deco interior design are there...clean lines, glossy black lacquering etc but for me putting a up to date spin on it makes it altogether a fresher look to go for.  You want to see what I mean?  OK.


 I mean you'd have to be wearing a sequin or something to sit on that couch but is that such a bad thing?  Not necessarily my prettys, not necessarily.

This is a bit more serious because it's clearly an office space and office spaces are for serious business.  I'd like to think you could still rock a sequin if you frowned and looked over your spectacles slightly haughtily whilst typing noisily and importantly.

And this is lovely.  Hollywood Glamour bedrooms always look hotel-y to me and this is no expectation.  How BIG are those actual lampshades though?  Woah.  That's a whole lotta illumination right there.

And this.  This is really chic.

Admittedly these are all very perfect and pristine looks and let's face it, life isn't like that.  But taking elements like crisp white wall and a carefully chosen oversized lamp, a mirrored side table, a bit of Greek key and a bonkers colourful piece of furniture would help complement an Art Deco property without having to commit to flying ducks and a display cabinet of Clarisse Cliffe pottery, you know?  For more inspiration for a modern take on the Hollywood Glamour look take a look at the fabulous Jamie Meare's Furbish studio via I Suwannee

And check out Kelly Wearstler.  She calls her look 'retro theartical' and has been massively influenced by Hollywood Glamour interior designers William Haines and Dorothy Draper.  She worked some ace retro theatrics in Trina Turk's palm springs store...

And gave the Viceroy, Palm Springs a massive dose of style.  I am a big fan of that bedroom curtaining.  (Still obsessed with the curtaining you'll be pleased to hear...)

So what do we think?  You like?  I like.  Right.  More POW POWYness soon loves.  I'm out of practise but let's get back on that decor pony and like, do a design gymkhana or...something.

Night for now,

{images via: 1. unknown, 2. decor to adore, 3. design diva, 4. the sidewalk is a runway, 5. lonny, 6,. 7 & 8 i suwannee, section la, 10, 11, 12, 13,14 & 15. viceroy hotels and resorts.