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Have I really not posted since the end of May?  Oh my giddy aunt, that's actually rubbish.  Apols!! The Baby and I have been living it up which has been marvellous but hasn't left a whole lot of time for interiors.  Let's rectify that now shall we lovers?

So, this post has been a long time coming, basically because I found it really hard to edit which pictures to use because I love all of them.  Martin is a friend of Project 74 and the man behind Settle, a fantastic bespoke home development company.  Martin (let's call him Fantastic'll see why) will find you a home, design it and then project manage the whole glorification process.  And he does it absolutely beautifully.

Settle's portfolio includes an exquisite seaside retreat, a listed Georgian cottage and my personal fave, a 1970's London apartment.  The styles of each project vary but what Fantastic Martin does every time is to strip away the superfluous, allowing the beauty of each property to emerge.  What makes his work so great in my book is the obvious respect he has for each building, the craftmanship of the people he works with and most importantly, the lightness of touch that he has with design.  Nothing is overdone, and nothing is overlooked.  I mean, will you just....

This is the Georgian cottage.

I actually love this cooker.  It seems so...friendly.

Nice sink and mirror combo yeah? 


Aghhhhh!  This bedroom is perfecto.
Another of Settle's projects.  This one is a vision in greys and creams...(that radiator even looks nice, why don't my radiators look that nice?)

Those marble splashback mounted taps are actual magic.

Another friendly cooker...

Nice. Larder.

That bedstead/anglepoise/shelf/grey paint/mustardy throw is sublime.

And then there's the 1970's apartment.  Oh!

Mega simple and gorgeous kitchen.  That light makes the whole thing work even better.

Right I need to speak to FM about his radiator collection because that one is nice too...


Hotel bathroom a-go-go.  I feel clean just looking at that.

As well as radiators Martin has a jolly nice line in bedside lighting....

Fantastic don't you agree?  I didn't do a very good job at editing that lot did I?  I wanted to include everything but for more Settle fabulosity, have a look at the website here. And I promise there will be more Project 74 gorgeousness very soon dolls!

H xxx

{all images via: Settle}


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