yellow fever

There are a few certainties in life.  The Baby will wake from his afternoon nap just as I collapse in to an armchair with my lunch ready for a spot of ANTM.  Allanis will leave all cupboard doors/drawers/other openable and closable things flung wide open for me to walk into and swear at and...I don't like yellow.  Except apparently I do.  It's news to me, but I do.

I didn't used to you see.  My Dad painted his office yellow once and the results left us as a family convinced that Yellow Is Bad.  But I keep seeing more and more of this amazing mustardy/acidy bright and I really, really like it.

I don't know who the designer is for the image up top.  Perhaps my favourite fashion maven Lucinda of Cute of Not Cute fame could help me out here?  I am a massive fan of the nude + unexpected bright equation and that is gorgeous.  And that girls hair is so pretty!  Swoon!

The combo of yellow and purple is divine.  The acidity of the yellow makes the velvet seem even smoother and more opulent.  And you know what else?  Those drawers on the right hand side.  Yeah, they're my Malms.  Boom.

I don't love this in the same way but damn, those doors look fresh.  My front door does not. We need to get that sorted. I want my door to be super fresh.  (Innit.)

Now this is a weird room.  I have had this image knocking about for years now and I still don't know if I love that panelling or absolutely loathe it.  I think I err on the side of loathe but what I do like is that upholstered ottoman.  But seriously, is some dude having a book Jenga challenge atop that or what?  A coffee table book stack yeah, but within reason.  You don't want too much of a teeter on those things.  Crash!

This is also and oldie and we're veering in to Dad's Office yellow territory here but I like it. What I am particularly keen on is the lamp on the right.  That's nice.

This blog is brought to you from the dining table, the kitchen breakfast bar or my bed depending on my mood and whether the football is on the TV (if it is GET ME AWAY FROM IT).  I would like a designated work space please.  This is a good one and spare room friendly.  That yellow would go with my chalky pink walls a treat.

Now this is the one that really surprised me.  I like a yellow kitchen guys!  Weird.  I wouldn't want a yellow kitchen myself, but I tell you what, if my mate "ta-daaa'd" me with this I'd be very happy for him/her.  What do you reckon?  I mean you'd have to be sure you reeeeally liked yellow wouldn't you?  Not just a flibbertigibbet like me who thinks they do but could easily change her mind.

And for those flippertigibbets here's some tiny little accents (do not say pop, do not say pop) just in case too much is...too much.  Whaddya reckon?  You like?  You loathe?  You tell me!

Have a super weekend my loves and thanks for your patience (and some really nice messages) whilst I've been in tiltsville with Vertigo, you're a lovely lot. More next week.

Hayley xxx
{images via: 1.& 7. Taralike, 2. & 3. Automatism, 4. 5.& 8. lost source}


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