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Evening all!  Allanis is out on the tiles tonight so I have been nerding up.  The Baby and I went to the library today.  I LOVE the library.  Even though it challenges me on an aromatic level. I got a stack of interiors books (joy!) and The Baby chose Whose Hat? a tome dedicated to matching wearers with their headwear of choice, Let's Go Outside - in which I imagine the family of bears (of course) will go...outside and All Fall Down which I assume is self explanatory.  That is what we shall be reading tomorrow.  I realised how loudly I talk to The Baby when we were there.  Allanis is forever SHHHHing me with his eyebrows raised whilst doing a comedy glance over his shoulder and I usually think he's exaggerating but today I was actually echoing.  Man.  I need to tone it down a bit.  I was telling him that WE LOVE BOOKS DON'T WE THE BABY?! and smiling a lot and making reading look FUN.  The Baby was no doubt thinking 'No, you do, overly loud Mama.  I am merely here for the ride.  Now whose hat is this anyway?'

So, I got side tracked by leafing through books this evening instead of planning a post so instead of a theme I thought we'd do a mix of things that don't seem to fit in any of the post shaped pigeon holes I have in mind at the moment. First of all is this.  Allanis bought me a new laptop for my recent birthday especially for blogging. I know, isn't he?  And that reader, is why I married him.  Anyway, I would really a laptop case like this for it.  If Joan of Arc was around today she's have this.

 (I dread to think how much it might cost.)  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I have been working on a kitchen project with a client.  She and I are now borderline obsessed with lighting after searching for task and ambient lighting for that project (I'll tell you a bit about that soon...)  I have tended to treat lighting as a bit of an afterthought in the past but getting it right can elevate a good room set up to something really great.  The mix of this over sized bare drop bulb with the streamlined tan chair is really crisp.
This image has been hanging around on my desktop for ages.  This is the colour I am going to paint our spare room when we finally get round to it.  Which will probably be just before we move again.  We have a black linen sofa in there and I think the mix of black and a soft, chalky pastel pink always looks feminine without being saccharine.  I don't want any Alpha male house guests feeling challenged.  (Pfffft!) 

I was going to get a print of The Queen for our dining room wall.  I forgot about The Jubilee.  I don't want to look like a bonkers royalist, I was doing it ironically.  Honest.  Will I still get away with it without looking like a Daily Mail reader?  I promise not to team it with Jubilee china and a twin set.  (By the way am I the only one who keeps saying jubblies rather than Jubilee?  I have no idea why  but it's making for a few cringe worthy convos with the neighbours about  our street party I can tell you...)

Moving on! I love the modern rustic look of this dining room.  Nice Tulip chairs.  Even nicer light filtering in.

This one is aces too.  This image feels expensive.  Do you know what I mean?

I saw this the other day and bookmarked it.  It looks cosy.  I would want to be one  good terms with the person who put those shelves up if I was going to sleep there though.  Nervy?  Me?  Never! (Aggghhh!)

And this.  Brillaint use of colour, and that painted ceiling really works. If someone was telling you "Yeah, I'm paiting the wall and ceiling this sort of indigo-y purple, it's going to be AMAAAZE" you'd probably worry about them.  And yet...great!  Who'd have thought it?!

In fact there's more colour coming up in the next post.  I have to fly now, I have a date with a stack of books and my bed.  See you Friday loves! x

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