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This week has been crazy busy.  Trips to London for me and The Baby to see two of his special honorary aunties, music clubs, a lot of cake baking and SUNBATHING.  Joy joy JOOOOOY!  So this is a quickie but a goodie.

Joséphine Gintzburger worked for fashion houses like Celine and Dior before turning her attention to interior design. Now she creates "unique and personal life spaces".  I am going to start self aggrandising and referring to my living room as a 'life space', it has a ring to it.  'Allanis!  Darling! Could you bring me a G&T though to the life space, one is parched!'  I like it, you know?  Anyway. She designs really nice interiors.  Look...
Ignore that fairly horrid rose chair and that's a nice life space you've got yourself there...

And this.  Ignore this...

Nice Bourgie.  And I like the bonkers kitchen art work winking at us through that doorway...

Shebang!  And that's why I'm happy to ignore gross chairs and odd/slightly sinister table lamps.  That is a nice kithen.

I have a lot of granny china and plastic spoons.  We should be friends Josephine and I.

Now I'm not sure about this bedroom.  I kind of like it but it reminds me of a hotel room in Cuba that I loathed so...hmmm.  I do like the actual bed though.

Aghh!  The actual stuff of nightmares!  What the?!!

Good God.  Horrid.  But quick let's take our minds off it with a nice bath/mirror/glass/cement combo...

And here's another one.  This is a tiny Parisienne apartment.  I really like this.  The kitchen is ace and despite it being miniscule you can absolutely bet your life that there is more useful space in it than there is in my astonishingly badly designed kitchen (which we need to disuss at the moment, but not yet.  I can't face it).

Nice inclusion of the bed in the room.  Studio apartements can easily feel as though you're hanging out in an oversized bedroom which in turn, can make you feel like an oversized teen, but this day bed arrangement works nicely...

I like this.  Although I'm not keen on an overly shiney metro tile.  That is a severe bevell on that badboy.  I don't want to be quite so aware of my bevels. (I said that to a teen sales assistant in Topps Tiles whilst searching for our bathroom tiles and he just looked as me as though I was mad.  I said perhaps I was overthinking things but I don't want my tiles to look so "HEY!  HEY YOU!  I'M A NEW TILE. LOOK AT ME.  LOOK HOW THE LIGHT CATCHES ALL OF MY BEVELLED EDGES!  LOOOOOK!!!"  What?  I am overthinking it?  Oh.

Here is another apartment.  I like the chintzy sofas with the framed photography and the black floors.  Nice touch Josephine.


And this kitchen and the lighting is sublime.  At first I thought it was hideous. Now I really like it. (I'm not swerving on the chair and the lamp and the eyes staring down at us though.  They are all

Whaddya think of her life spaces loves?  You like? 

Enjoy the sunny weekend all.  We are having a BBQ apparently.  Allanis would only buy disposable ones so that "we can get used to it, see how we feel.  Are BBQs going to work for us?  Is it something we want to invest in?"  It's a BBQ for heavens sake.  Now who's overthinking?

See you next week xxx


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