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The Baby has another tooth coming through and so has been a restless boy.  What to do in these situs?  Well, we head to the shops where he gets fussed over by lots of ladies, gets complimented on the length of his eyelashes and his beaming smile and he gets to look at a lot of stuff.  The Baby loves looking at stuff.  Morocco hasn't ever featured at the top of my list of places I'd like to visit but I could really do with a decent Souk to pull out of the bag on Teeth Weeks.  It would beat M&S for Baby entertainment (Three times we've been there this week.  I have bought so many scented candles now guests are going to get dizzy on the air perfume when they visit.)

So from a Victorian Gingerbread cottage in the Catskills to Morocco my loves!  I saw this Riad and now I'm converted.  I really want to go to Morocco and stay here please. For those of you who, like us, are not taking a Bank Holiday mini break here's some hotel decor porn for you.  Ready?

The Snan 13 is a Boutique Riad in Marrakesh.  There is one master suite and five smaller bedrooms, all decorated in a relaxed but beautiful mix of creams, golds, blush pinks and warm greys. 

I have noticed how easily my head is turned by a nice bit of draping.  This is gorgeous.  Not too much...not flouncy, just enough fabric to create a sense of being cocooned in cool luxury.

This is perfect. Actually perfect. 

There's a central patio area strewn with proper actual Morccan pouffes rather than the over priced imported ones from  Granham & Green and the like. 

Sofas surround a central 'bassin' which is nice during the day...

But looks really beautiful at night.

Actually whoever is in charge of mood lighting at Snan 13 is a bit fabulous, look...

Poyfect.  Enjoy the weekend loves.  See you next week. x

{all images: snan 13}


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