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Hola dolls!Here I am...reporting for aesthetic duty. Flipping heck, what a week that was. Spinny McSpinson. Did we do anything at the weekend you ask? Oh yeah! We went to Portsmouth Harbour. Which will make anyone with Vertigo biff out more than they already are. Massive great big boats emerging seemingly from behind buildings? Check! Whopping great wavy looking Spinnaker Tower to stare up and then almost fall over? Check! Husband pointing out that the Tower has a glass viewing floor at the top and suggesting we take The Baby for a peek? Checkarino. Bleaugh!  It was really nice though and, lo and behold, the sea at Portsmouth was sea coloured. You know like in Greece or whatevs. Proper healthy sea colour. It was lovely and it reminded me of an absolutely divine turqouisey greeny colour I had seen in an apartment. You see that little lady at up there? It's hers. Shall we?

Does she remind you a bit of Tori Amos?  She does me. Anyway, by the by.  Here is the dining area. I am not a fan of a beam in general.  I find them a bit much sometimes, a bit overbearing, especially when they're this dark but I really like this room as a whole.  It's uncluttered but not cold and I like how she has used the awkard corners to display THINGS.  Awkaward corners are made for THINGS but it's easy to go overboard.  The Tori Amosy lady has not gone bonkers. 

Are you loving this colour combo? I adore it. (Do not say 'pop' Hayley. Do. Not. Say. Pop.)

The muted tones are really restful and I really like how the light hitting the velvet echoes the uneven walls.  When decor is this spare little textural touches add a bit of necessary depth.

I LOOOOVE THIS.  That chair against that wall and the white floor boards and the panelling?  It's not often that I love every single thing in a picture but this is great.  It's relaxing but vibrant all at once. Aces.  And you see the pink light by the bed trough the doorway?  That's great too.

 The kitchen?  Meh. We can't see enough but I like the dinky seating area. 

What do you think?  Like it?  I love it.  Now I must get back to getting better.  More on Wednesday! xxx
{images via: residence}


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