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I don't know about you, but with all this rain I'm on the look out for guys called Noah who have outlandish pets and are pretty good at woodwork so I can befriend them just in case.  Pffft.  Because of the rain The Baby, Allanis (I shall not be drawn in to this business) and I had mega mega cabin fever last weekend which was a nuisance.  BUT! reminded about this place which I first saw years ago. This is a little cabin that's a bit different.  I rather liked it then I think, but now it's a bit too flouncy and Miss Havashamy for my taste.  Still, it's impressive that Sandy Foster (author of My Shabby Streamside Studio - a virtual mecca for all you shabby chic fans) built this little place up from a dilapidated hunting cabin and turned it into quite the retreat. 

She lives with her husband - a big bloke with a beard who on appearances alone seems to be wee Ms Foster's polar opposite.  The cabin has no running water so she uses it more as a studio and a haven...perhaps from big blokes with beards, who knows.  Anyway, their main home is a 1970's trailer which her hirsute husband has called The Groove Tube.  I think I might need a retreat too if I had to live in something so entitled.  The mind frankly boggles.

The cabin is in the Catskills which looks flipping gorgeous.  Look how she leaps across this wee stream when she's escaping The Groove Tube...

Go little pink wellied Ms Foster GO!  When she arrives there's a tiny sitting room...

And a loft bed which is reached by a ladder (and looks like it might be a squash.  All squeeze in!)

And a lot of pretty decor.



It's a bit too girly and flouncy for me but hats off to the gal, she did all the carpentry herself and it's a definite transformation.  What do you think?  I take my hat off to her, and frankly any lady rocking a bicep like that is an absolute winner in my book.  If carpentry does that for your upper arms I'm signing up for a course.  (Then I won't even need Noah.) x

 {images via: NY Times & Skona Hem)


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