Monday, 28 May 2012

not tonight josephine

This week has been crazy busy.  Trips to London for me and The Baby to see two of his special honorary aunties, music clubs, a lot of cake baking and SUNBATHING.  Joy joy JOOOOOY!  So this is a quickie but a goodie.

Jos├ęphine Gintzburger worked for fashion houses like Celine and Dior before turning her attention to interior design. Now she creates "unique and personal life spaces".  I am going to start self aggrandising and referring to my living room as a 'life space', it has a ring to it.  'Allanis!  Darling! Could you bring me a G&T though to the life space, one is parched!'  I like it, you know?  Anyway. She designs really nice interiors.  Look...
Ignore that fairly horrid rose chair and that's a nice life space you've got yourself there...

And this.  Ignore this...

Nice Bourgie.  And I like the bonkers kitchen art work winking at us through that doorway...

Shebang!  And that's why I'm happy to ignore gross chairs and odd/slightly sinister table lamps.  That is a nice kithen.

I have a lot of granny china and plastic spoons.  We should be friends Josephine and I.

Now I'm not sure about this bedroom.  I kind of like it but it reminds me of a hotel room in Cuba that I loathed so...hmmm.  I do like the actual bed though.

Aghh!  The actual stuff of nightmares!  What the?!!

Good God.  Horrid.  But quick let's take our minds off it with a nice bath/mirror/glass/cement combo...

And here's another one.  This is a tiny Parisienne apartment.  I really like this.  The kitchen is ace and despite it being miniscule you can absolutely bet your life that there is more useful space in it than there is in my astonishingly badly designed kitchen (which we need to disuss at the moment, but not yet.  I can't face it).

Nice inclusion of the bed in the room.  Studio apartements can easily feel as though you're hanging out in an oversized bedroom which in turn, can make you feel like an oversized teen, but this day bed arrangement works nicely...

I like this.  Although I'm not keen on an overly shiney metro tile.  That is a severe bevell on that badboy.  I don't want to be quite so aware of my bevels. (I said that to a teen sales assistant in Topps Tiles whilst searching for our bathroom tiles and he just looked as me as though I was mad.  I said perhaps I was overthinking things but I don't want my tiles to look so "HEY!  HEY YOU!  I'M A NEW TILE. LOOK AT ME.  LOOK HOW THE LIGHT CATCHES ALL OF MY BEVELLED EDGES!  LOOOOOK!!!"  What?  I am overthinking it?  Oh.

Here is another apartment.  I like the chintzy sofas with the framed photography and the black floors.  Nice touch Josephine.


And this kitchen and the lighting is sublime.  At first I thought it was hideous. Now I really like it. (I'm not swerving on the chair and the lamp and the eyes staring down at us though.  They are all

Whaddya think of her life spaces loves?  You like? 

Enjoy the sunny weekend all.  We are having a BBQ apparently.  Allanis would only buy disposable ones so that "we can get used to it, see how we feel.  Are BBQs going to work for us?  Is it something we want to invest in?"  It's a BBQ for heavens sake.  Now who's overthinking?

See you next week xxx

Friday, 18 May 2012

yellow fever

There are a few certainties in life.  The Baby will wake from his afternoon nap just as I collapse in to an armchair with my lunch ready for a spot of ANTM.  Allanis will leave all cupboard doors/drawers/other openable and closable things flung wide open for me to walk into and swear at and...I don't like yellow.  Except apparently I do.  It's news to me, but I do.

I didn't used to you see.  My Dad painted his office yellow once and the results left us as a family convinced that Yellow Is Bad.  But I keep seeing more and more of this amazing mustardy/acidy bright and I really, really like it.

I don't know who the designer is for the image up top.  Perhaps my favourite fashion maven Lucinda of Cute of Not Cute fame could help me out here?  I am a massive fan of the nude + unexpected bright equation and that is gorgeous.  And that girls hair is so pretty!  Swoon!

The combo of yellow and purple is divine.  The acidity of the yellow makes the velvet seem even smoother and more opulent.  And you know what else?  Those drawers on the right hand side.  Yeah, they're my Malms.  Boom.

I don't love this in the same way but damn, those doors look fresh.  My front door does not. We need to get that sorted. I want my door to be super fresh.  (Innit.)

Now this is a weird room.  I have had this image knocking about for years now and I still don't know if I love that panelling or absolutely loathe it.  I think I err on the side of loathe but what I do like is that upholstered ottoman.  But seriously, is some dude having a book Jenga challenge atop that or what?  A coffee table book stack yeah, but within reason.  You don't want too much of a teeter on those things.  Crash!

This is also and oldie and we're veering in to Dad's Office yellow territory here but I like it. What I am particularly keen on is the lamp on the right.  That's nice.

This blog is brought to you from the dining table, the kitchen breakfast bar or my bed depending on my mood and whether the football is on the TV (if it is GET ME AWAY FROM IT).  I would like a designated work space please.  This is a good one and spare room friendly.  That yellow would go with my chalky pink walls a treat.

Now this is the one that really surprised me.  I like a yellow kitchen guys!  Weird.  I wouldn't want a yellow kitchen myself, but I tell you what, if my mate "ta-daaa'd" me with this I'd be very happy for him/her.  What do you reckon?  I mean you'd have to be sure you reeeeally liked yellow wouldn't you?  Not just a flibbertigibbet like me who thinks they do but could easily change her mind.

And for those flippertigibbets here's some tiny little accents (do not say pop, do not say pop) just in case too much is...too much.  Whaddya reckon?  You like?  You loathe?  You tell me!

Have a super weekend my loves and thanks for your patience (and some really nice messages) whilst I've been in tiltsville with Vertigo, you're a lovely lot. More next week.

Hayley xxx
{images via: 1.& 7. Taralike, 2. & 3. Automatism, 4. 5.& 8. lost source}

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

pics and mix

Evening all!  Allanis is out on the tiles tonight so I have been nerding up.  The Baby and I went to the library today.  I LOVE the library.  Even though it challenges me on an aromatic level. I got a stack of interiors books (joy!) and The Baby chose Whose Hat? a tome dedicated to matching wearers with their headwear of choice, Let's Go Outside - in which I imagine the family of bears (of course) will go...outside and All Fall Down which I assume is self explanatory.  That is what we shall be reading tomorrow.  I realised how loudly I talk to The Baby when we were there.  Allanis is forever SHHHHing me with his eyebrows raised whilst doing a comedy glance over his shoulder and I usually think he's exaggerating but today I was actually echoing.  Man.  I need to tone it down a bit.  I was telling him that WE LOVE BOOKS DON'T WE THE BABY?! and smiling a lot and making reading look FUN.  The Baby was no doubt thinking 'No, you do, overly loud Mama.  I am merely here for the ride.  Now whose hat is this anyway?'

So, I got side tracked by leafing through books this evening instead of planning a post so instead of a theme I thought we'd do a mix of things that don't seem to fit in any of the post shaped pigeon holes I have in mind at the moment. First of all is this.  Allanis bought me a new laptop for my recent birthday especially for blogging. I know, isn't he?  And that reader, is why I married him.  Anyway, I would really a laptop case like this for it.  If Joan of Arc was around today she's have this.

 (I dread to think how much it might cost.)  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I have been working on a kitchen project with a client.  She and I are now borderline obsessed with lighting after searching for task and ambient lighting for that project (I'll tell you a bit about that soon...)  I have tended to treat lighting as a bit of an afterthought in the past but getting it right can elevate a good room set up to something really great.  The mix of this over sized bare drop bulb with the streamlined tan chair is really crisp.
This image has been hanging around on my desktop for ages.  This is the colour I am going to paint our spare room when we finally get round to it.  Which will probably be just before we move again.  We have a black linen sofa in there and I think the mix of black and a soft, chalky pastel pink always looks feminine without being saccharine.  I don't want any Alpha male house guests feeling challenged.  (Pfffft!) 

I was going to get a print of The Queen for our dining room wall.  I forgot about The Jubilee.  I don't want to look like a bonkers royalist, I was doing it ironically.  Honest.  Will I still get away with it without looking like a Daily Mail reader?  I promise not to team it with Jubilee china and a twin set.  (By the way am I the only one who keeps saying jubblies rather than Jubilee?  I have no idea why  but it's making for a few cringe worthy convos with the neighbours about  our street party I can tell you...)

Moving on! I love the modern rustic look of this dining room.  Nice Tulip chairs.  Even nicer light filtering in.

This one is aces too.  This image feels expensive.  Do you know what I mean?

I saw this the other day and bookmarked it.  It looks cosy.  I would want to be one  good terms with the person who put those shelves up if I was going to sleep there though.  Nervy?  Me?  Never! (Aggghhh!)

And this.  Brillaint use of colour, and that painted ceiling really works. If someone was telling you "Yeah, I'm paiting the wall and ceiling this sort of indigo-y purple, it's going to be AMAAAZE" you'd probably worry about them.  And yet...great!  Who'd have thought it?!

In fact there's more colour coming up in the next post.  I have to fly now, I have a date with a stack of books and my bed.  See you Friday loves! x

{images via:1. Rue, 2. forgotten source, 3. Domino, 4. forgotten source, 5. Coco and Kelly, 6. forgotten source, 7. Covet Garden}

Monday, 14 May 2012

sea here

Hola dolls!Here I am...reporting for aesthetic duty. Flipping heck, what a week that was. Spinny McSpinson. Did we do anything at the weekend you ask? Oh yeah! We went to Portsmouth Harbour. Which will make anyone with Vertigo biff out more than they already are. Massive great big boats emerging seemingly from behind buildings? Check! Whopping great wavy looking Spinnaker Tower to stare up and then almost fall over? Check! Husband pointing out that the Tower has a glass viewing floor at the top and suggesting we take The Baby for a peek? Checkarino. Bleaugh!  It was really nice though and, lo and behold, the sea at Portsmouth was sea coloured. You know like in Greece or whatevs. Proper healthy sea colour. It was lovely and it reminded me of an absolutely divine turqouisey greeny colour I had seen in an apartment. You see that little lady at up there? It's hers. Shall we?

Does she remind you a bit of Tori Amos?  She does me. Anyway, by the by.  Here is the dining area. I am not a fan of a beam in general.  I find them a bit much sometimes, a bit overbearing, especially when they're this dark but I really like this room as a whole.  It's uncluttered but not cold and I like how she has used the awkard corners to display THINGS.  Awkaward corners are made for THINGS but it's easy to go overboard.  The Tori Amosy lady has not gone bonkers. 

Are you loving this colour combo? I adore it. (Do not say 'pop' Hayley. Do. Not. Say. Pop.)

The muted tones are really restful and I really like how the light hitting the velvet echoes the uneven walls.  When decor is this spare little textural touches add a bit of necessary depth.

I LOOOOVE THIS.  That chair against that wall and the white floor boards and the panelling?  It's not often that I love every single thing in a picture but this is great.  It's relaxing but vibrant all at once. Aces.  And you see the pink light by the bed trough the doorway?  That's great too.

 The kitchen?  Meh. We can't see enough but I like the dinky seating area. 

What do you think?  Like it?  I love it.  Now I must get back to getting better.  More on Wednesday! xxx
{images via: residence}

Thursday, 10 May 2012

vertigo a go go? oh.

Agghhh loves!  I'm sorry for the lack of posts this week.  I have vertigo.  No, I don't mean I have the film on rental, I have actual real life vertigo.  Man!  The world is a spinny wobbly place for me at the moment and I haven't had the energy for Project 74.  Boo.  Let's keep our collective fingers crossed that it spins off very quickly and we can all get back to normal toute de suite.

Hope you've all had a good week.  Let's meet back here on Monday K? K!


Friday, 4 May 2012

morocco a go go

The Baby has another tooth coming through and so has been a restless boy.  What to do in these situs?  Well, we head to the shops where he gets fussed over by lots of ladies, gets complimented on the length of his eyelashes and his beaming smile and he gets to look at a lot of stuff.  The Baby loves looking at stuff.  Morocco hasn't ever featured at the top of my list of places I'd like to visit but I could really do with a decent Souk to pull out of the bag on Teeth Weeks.  It would beat M&S for Baby entertainment (Three times we've been there this week.  I have bought so many scented candles now guests are going to get dizzy on the air perfume when they visit.)

So from a Victorian Gingerbread cottage in the Catskills to Morocco my loves!  I saw this Riad and now I'm converted.  I really want to go to Morocco and stay here please. For those of you who, like us, are not taking a Bank Holiday mini break here's some hotel decor porn for you.  Ready?

The Snan 13 is a Boutique Riad in Marrakesh.  There is one master suite and five smaller bedrooms, all decorated in a relaxed but beautiful mix of creams, golds, blush pinks and warm greys. 

I have noticed how easily my head is turned by a nice bit of draping.  This is gorgeous.  Not too much...not flouncy, just enough fabric to create a sense of being cocooned in cool luxury.

This is perfect. Actually perfect. 

There's a central patio area strewn with proper actual Morccan pouffes rather than the over priced imported ones from  Granham & Green and the like. 

Sofas surround a central 'bassin' which is nice during the day...

But looks really beautiful at night.

Actually whoever is in charge of mood lighting at Snan 13 is a bit fabulous, look...

Poyfect.  Enjoy the weekend loves.  See you next week. x

{all images: snan 13}