wonderwalls (II)

I have had a really busy day (drinking coffee with a fabulous girlfriend, a bit of shopping and then a bonkers bath time with The Baby where he giggled crazily at his reflection in the taps for about ten full minutes and then started drinking the bath water, BUSY.) Allanis is out on the tiles and I have just fixed myself a healthy and nutritious meal (spaghetti hoops on toast...whaaaaat?!) and I was catching up with some blogs, thinking I might turn in for the night early, read my book if I can stay awake long enough and I stumbled across this...

It's only a bloody room with hand painted wall paper.  Seriously.  This has been done by a woman who has kids and runs her own business and did this in the evenings.  IN THE EVENINGS!  I have had a very undemanding day and I can only muster the energy for thinking about going to bed. How much of an underachiever do I feel now?  I'm going to paaaaaint...my nails.  Nail painting I can do.x

{images via Design Sponge}


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