wade right in

Oh the Bank Holiday you say?  Did I forget to mention?  THE PICTURES WENT UP!  Ha! At. Last.

I stuck loads of newspaper to the wall to measure out the space and paced about in front of it pretending to be Rebbecca Wade...

Then I put that on the floor and faffed about with where to put everything, paying particular attention to margins and what not...

And then Allanis completely disregarded that, took a photo on his phone of where everything should go and just slung them up on the wall.  Pffft.  I thought I was being terribly clever but his method was way easier.  He keeps going to look at the wall and declaring '24 pictures there!  I did a good job with that' and crossing his arms and nodding. (He hung them marvellously loves but I'm not sure how long I should keep congratulating him, he needs to keep his feet on the ground.)

Anyway ta-daaa it's done.  The dining room now has atmosphere!  Unfortunately I keep thinking of Russ Abbott singing 'Oh what an atmosphere' etc etc every time I look at it, but that is a small price to pay.  Thank goodness that's finished.  Next!



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