keep it in the closet

So, it was all glorious and sunny and fantastic and I sent Allanis up to the loft to fetch my summer clothes.  And he lugged the vacuum pack bags down, and the bedroom looked even more like a bomb had hit it and I sorted things into piles and did laundry, packed the winter stuff away and then....oh.  C'est froid!  C'est tres bloody froid loves.  Tsk.

Well damn it.  I'm wearing my white jeans and sleeveless tanks with chattering and gritted teeth (which I know is an oxymoron but you know what I mean) because I'm not swapping the whole lot around again.  And I like my summer clothes.  They look better on the rail (above) that is still serving as my wardrobe because of those pesky alcove dimensions. Oooh you dimensions!  You'll be the death of me I swear. 

I did for a moment entertain the idea of turning our spare bedroom in to a walk in closet to save us all of this nonsense with alcoves and what not but do you know, (and I almost feel I should whisper this) I don't like walk in wardrobes as a rule.

Since we met this walk in

I feel like we're meant to love them.  But I can't.  Because in real life they so often they look like this...

I mean Rachel Zoe's even looks a bit...well...yes, messy.

Agggh!  This would drive me actually bonkers...

I'm not even keen on Ms Lauder's (although that Zddy table is magnificent.  It looks like a desk fit for a cosmetic magnate superhero.)

This however is Paris Hilton's walk in.  I quite like it!  But mostly because of that mirrored chest and the glitzy glitzoid light its zinging around the place.  It looks like a nice boutique.

And that is the key I think.  Order.  And making your wardobe look like a fantastic shop.  That I can go with.

This is lovely.  And ordered.  And white.  (Very sadly I have lost the source of this one).

And then there's this.  This dressing room could change my mind completely.  It is from the gorgeous blog
47 Park Avenue.  It's the shelf that makes the difference I think.  It is perfect. And the ceiling light!  And the wee radiator! I love it. I love everything about it. 

Perhaps I could learn to love my rail? (I won't.  It needs to be hidden and it needs to be hidden soon.)



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