simple minds

It has been one of those days loves. One of thoooooose.  I'll spare you the details but Allanis and I just had dinner and the final line of my summary of the day for him was ..."and anyway, that's why the car smells like...that."  Just to give you the general idea.

In addition to an armoatic car situ, there is a lot of to-ing and fro-ing going on at No 74 at the moment.  Furniutre is being moved around, I'm planning my new paint jobs (living room furniture for which I need the sun because they can only be done in the garden) and a mega Spring clean. Allanis also did an Ikea dash (alone - oh how I feared the worst but he didn't let me down) and we now have more storage than we know quite what to do with. JOY! More on that when I haven't had a day like today.

In the interests of calm, let's look at some gorgeous images which are an ode to simplicity.  Clean lines, uncluttered spaces and most importantly on a day like today...unchaotic.

Are you settled?  Ready?  You have a drink there, you're comfy?  OK then, let's...

Would you take a look at this? I would like to shake the architects by the hand. And then move in. Full on glass done well is always a winner with me.

Sparse and raw dining...annoyingly I can't remember where this is.  I adore those chairs.

Aggghhhh!  I mean, really.  REALLY. No 74 could do with one of these bad boys for our living room bay.  I'm staring at my screen and sighing.  Leave it Hayley.  Leeeeave it.

I don't like the botanical prints so much, but as a grouping this works.

These tiles are what I was after before Dermot and his girlfriend convinced me on my beval.  I really like the way they catch the light.  I could really do with that exact mirror for our bathroom which is annoying.

Woah.  Dream shower room.  BOOM.

The magnifique Ms Alt.  Keeping it simple.  Zut alors, she's chic.

An simple pony.  Why do my ponys never look like this?  Mine droop.  Or they make my actual hair hurt.  Seriously.  How can that even happen?

And finally this. Bed.  Which is where I'm headed...

...Night y'all. Wish me luck with the situ yeah?
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