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I was flicking through the gazillions of images I have stored up and there were heaps that had a common thread and it was a relaxed kind of glamour.  The photo above sums up a whole aesthetic for me.  The new glamour is low key, sometimes even little louche.  It's not brittle and untouchable (read - unachievable).    There seems to have been a shift in what defines luxury in design generally to something softer and pared down, but no less gorgeous.  Think Charlize Theron rather than Joan Collins!

I suggest we call it The New Opulence and indulge ourselves in some pictorial escapism. Shall we?  Let's!...

This is bloody divine, made way more fabulous by the patina on the mirror tiles and the puddling of the shower 'curtain' on the floor.

Then there's this...the glam chandelier and the mantle's gilt alongside a battered old table work really nicely

Gorgeous tiffanyesque blues, and cute kid...

Frankly massive - and low hanging chand, fridge topping peacock taxidermy, worn woods and high gloss bar stools.  Who'd have thunk it would work?  And you see that flask on the left?  I OWN THAT FLASK!  I do not own any stuffed peacock (mores the pity).

Nude sheers and sequins...not in your face old school glamour but attention grabbing all the same...

Even dinner is getting in on the act.  Abundant, opulent and relaxed.  I would love to dine at a table this beautiful...

And finally, my kind of luxury.  A gorgeous throw to curl up under and some pristine white bound books. 

The new opulence loves.  It's low key glamtastic! x

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  1. Oh goodness me, I love this post. I always struggle with out and out glamma, but a bit of glamour with a little something homey or rough around the edges? Oh yes! That I love!

    Can I one day be rich enough (and, you know, own a house) so that you can be my decorator?

  2. A few raw edges make everything so much more glamtastic don't they? Let's hurry and get rich and I'll be your decorator, you can be my personal shopper and life will be peachy doll face.


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