a miami vice

So, I said that the whole plan for the bedroom had changed.  And in this post I said that the inspiration for the new plan was pretty much down to a tray, a directors chair and a picture hanging in my mate Jilly's living room.  Well ta-daaaaa!  Here is that picture.  In actual real life it's massive and it draws me in every time I see it.  And whilst one drawing in espisode it got me thinking.  Doing the house up means we can't afford to take a proper holiday this year so I want our bedroom to provide a bit of escapism.  I am going to make our bedroom a hotelly bedroom.  Bring the hotel to the us sort of thing.  Here's the mood board inspiration of  where we're going with this.  Where are you going with this Hayley you ask? Well, we're going to Miami dolls...

I want to keep things clean and pristine.  This little lady is the embodiment of my room.  Fresh, white with a (I don't want to say it but look, it is what it is...) pop of colour and gold.  We have a huge brass bed that I am in love with and is staying along with an knackered but beautiful gilt mirror that had Allanis peplexed when he first saw it ("are bits supposed to be crumbling off it like that?").  That crumbly gilt will look even more amazeballs juxtaposed with the clean modern lines of the rest of the furniture.

I want some puddly linen curtains at the bay but lined with blackout fabric.  We had white linen curtains at our old flat and they looked nice but 4am in the summer?  PING.  Awake.  I will not allow that to happen now. Noooo way siree Bob.  I am trying to convince my Mum to make them for me.  (Hiiii if you're reading this.  You didn't just see that.  Love you!)

I also wouldn't mind a sheepskin rug or two.  I once went shopping with my fabulous friend TQ, who looking through a pile of sheepskins declared them all "nice, but too small...I want a reeeeally big one."  I pointed out that they only came in one size, that being 'sheep'.  I think she's still a bit disppointed to this day.  I wish they came in Really Really Big Sheep size too to be fair.

Eventually we'll get a sofa to fit in the bay.  I always had a sofa in my bedroom when I lived at home which made me and my mates feel cosmoplitan when drinking vile Bulgarian red before a night out.  I like sofas in bedrooms, it encourages you to use the room a lot more. I think we shoud all do a bit more hanging out in our bedroom like teens but sans the crap wine.

We need a full length mirror.  At the moment I can only see what I look like by leaping about in front of the one in the dining room.  Life cannot go on like this.  I am going to go myself a mischief one of these days trying to check the length of a trouser or what not.  I would like just a clean sheet of mirror.  Nothing fancy.  Just BANG, you want a mirror?...you got a mirror sort of thing.  I'd like a bit of greenery in there too.  I moved a palm from the living room next to my bed  (I mean it's practically Miami already loves) and we have a jolly nice orchid but all that white is going to need some breaking up.

This is the directors chair.  It was the studding that made me think I'd go along the lines of a screen to conceal the hanging rail instead of looking for a wardrobe.  I'm going to use a linen again and toughen it up by hammering in some hardcore embellishments around the screen's edges so it doesn't look too chintzy.

Like this.  But not a screen not a headboard.  So nothing much like that, but do you see sort of that I mean?

Then there's more.  Baddabing....

Ooooh!  Niiice.

And some punchy abstracts to lift the white.  I really wish I could paint and I could do my own artwork.  Damn it.

And then to complete the whole thing on a like, totally aesthetic level I'll have this by my bedside ready for when I wake every morning please.  (Can someone have a word with Allanis for me...ROOM SERVICE!!)

There will be more on this bedroom.  I can feel it.  Night loves. x

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