let's go outside

I am torn loves.  I am caught between being delighted that it keeps POURING down because it's fantastico for the turf that we had laid a month or so ago, and feeling a bit antsy because The Baby and I are a bit restless.  We like to get out and do big walks and instead we are stuck indoors.  The Baby is getting by OK by driving about in his new car* and whooshing in to my ankles at every available opportunity but I can't fit in his car sooo, you know...bored now.

Anyway.  We had some turf laid by a very lovely gardener who did a top job and then then oof!  Hosepipe ban.  Great!  Nothing like paying a wodge of money to watch some new grass wither and yellow and whisper weakly at you to water it is there?  I was having none of that so equipped with my trusty teeny tiny watering can I have tended to that flipping grass for weeks.  I have Northern grit, I shall not be deterred by bans.  And it is doing very nicely but what now?  Allanis and I are actually rubbish at gardening.  We haven't got a clue. We excel at barbecues and quaffing Prosecco outdoors but plants?  No idea.  And of course we have 'problematic soil' according to the gardener. Pah.

I have been working on inspiration for the garden but it would seem that I have pretty much focused on seating.  And not a lot else. That'll be the Prosecco on the mind loves. Anyway, as it's a bit naff outside here we go.  The sun will come back at some point. It must!  Until then let's just look at what could be shall we?

An outdoor nook.  Even small outide spaces can make themselves available for Prosecco.  Thank you small spaces.  Bravo.

I really like a roof terrace.  I always feel as though I shouldn't be up there and that I'm living dangerously.  (Can you tell I'm the sort of person who loathes extreme sports and general risky risk taking from that comment? You'd be right.)

This is the sort of vibe I'd like for No 74.  I shall casually a Hermes throw on the back of my chair too.  In my dreams.

Ooh shaded dining?  Yes please.

And this.  It's all about this in summer.  Beautiful. 

The Ikea Mission full report next week peeps!  Have a great weekend loves. x

{images via: 1. forgotten source, 2. Rue, 3. forgotten source, 4. Haute Mama's Faves,
5. Casa in Style, 6. forgotten source.}

* Of course it's not an actual CAR you see.  It's a walker car...thing.  


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