it takes all sorts

Well helloooo!  What's that?  Yes, I do rather have a swagger on today now you mention it.  Why?

Negotiating teetering piles of clothes in our bedroom?  Over.  Finished.  Done!

Allanis went forth last week to Ikea and bought these badboys.  No, they don't fit in with my initial plan to furnish the bedroom with one offs that I sought out at antiques fairs but what can you do?  No one wants to sell me really inexpensive one offs these days and my time is limited and I am short of patience when it comes to any unnecessary chaos in our house. So I have changed the complete design for the bedroom, simple as that.  Sometimes plans just need to be rethunk.  And these little beauties are going to do me proud until such a time that I have the money and the inclination to head off antiquing often enough to find a bargain or two.  I am actually rather fond of them already.

They are of course the ubiquitous Malm drawers.   I have topped them with glass which makes them look just that little more finished.  And they are HUGE.  Everything is away.  I couldn't be happier.
I was having a quick look at the Ikea website to check measurements when I saw this:
HOLD THE PHONE! I thought...HOLD. IT.  It's only a flipping Weinrib lookalike at exactly the sort of price I want to pay for a black and white rug to brake up the overwhelming brownness in our living room.  Champion!

Now, if you haven't heard of Madeline Weinrib she designs absolutely gorgeous textiles...

You see:

aaaaand you see.  Yes?

I even love her velvet Ikats (and that's not something you'll hear me say often)...

And Ikea's inspiration in situ...

I am a bit funny about carpets and rugs, I hardly ever like any. Straight up.  But sadly my rug crush is an atelier which = ££££'s so the Ikea version is the closest I was going to get.  I checked stock lists and Wembley had one.  ONE.  And for this mission Allanis had to go it alone.  Me, him, The Baby, massive set of drawers and a big rug wouldn't fit in our car so I gave him a list and instructions that "if you're not sure about anything find a nice friendly looking lady and hand her the list darling won't you..."   Balancing The Baby one one hip I hugged him at the doorway and whispered lovingly in to his ear "Come back with that rug.  DO NOT let me down."  The Baby and I gave him a look that assured him we meant business and off he went.  That ONE rug was on display.  Allanis had chaps unclipping it from the rafters,checking it for damage and rolling it up but he got it.  He is my hero.  I love it.  I love him.  I love the chaps that pulled it down from the rafters.  The living room was a sea of brown, brown leather sofa...dark brown wood flooring, painted wicker coffee table broooown but now it has been broken up by a giant liquorice allsort rug. Bravo. x

{images via: 1. me, 2. ikea, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Madeline Weinrib, 7. From the Right Bank, 8. me.}


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