blinded by the white

Have you been watching The Voice?  Each Saturday I suffer Jessie J and that bloke off of The Script's odd gurny approval face for Love. Him.  I want to be his friend really badly.  I'd like to take him to the pub, I reckon he'd be a hoot.  Perhaps we'd become besties and he'd give me a lend of his natty gloves...sorry, where were we?

The Voice yes.  Allanis is getting amongst it and would now like to be known as  (I mean, I ask you...)  And he keeps banging on about how people who watch the show at home do a thing where they turn their chair round when they like someone.  Or something.  Does that make sense to you?  I don't get it.  All I could think when he was trying to explain it to me for the 100th time was that most people have sofas and armchairs in their living rooms and how are you supposed to turn those round several times in an hour.  Well, how?  I am over thinking this?  Oh.

Well, we were bickering about this and I was rolling my eyes and Allanis - sorry - was doing a lot of sighing when he said "Well since we're talking about the sofa, I think we should get a new one." I'm sorry what?  W w w what?!  I have been after a new sofa since we moved to No 74 but I thought there was no chance!   And we're actually in agreement! You see here is the problem.  This is our sofa.  And the rug.  Hi sofa, hi rug!

It's great.  I love it.  But I love it in our old flat where we had really light coloured herringbone parquet and where light flooded in and the room was generally bright and airy.  Our new living room is very brown as I said the other day.  And dark.  And the big expanse of dark and brown leather isn't helping matters.  But we really like it so it's a tricky one.  I have tried chucking throws on it to brighten is up but they don't tend to work as well with leather, keep falling off and what not.  And frustratingly the leather has got better with age and is just at the right level of 'battered' that we wanted in the first place. If I could move it into another room I would.  So what to do.  We're going to stick it on eBay with a good reserve and if we make that we'll get a new one.  If not it stays and we just suck it up and keep the lamps on.

This is the sofa we'd really like...

It's ridiculously comfortable.  But it's purple and dark and so does not solve the problem so it's a no go.  You know what we have to do don't you?  Go lighter.  And if I'm going to go lighter it's going to have to be white.

I saw this and now I'm a bit obsessed.

If the covers are washable / replaceable and I use throws and cushions it'll be all right won't it.  Won't it?  You're not convinced this is going to work with The Baby are you?

Look, these happy people have two kids that were The Babies once and they're still smiling.  Or are they grimacing?  Is the guy hauling that wee boy off at the back to get the Vanish stain remover...?

Oh it will be fiiiine.  I'll hide the Ribena and crayon stains with the millions and millions of cushions that we appear to own a la..

And it'll work as a great blank canvas for some more colour to perk things up a bit...

It'll work.  Trust me. (Famous last words.)  Have a great weekend loves.  x

{images via 1. unknown, 2. me, 3. habitat 4. Blackbird, 5.Residence, 6. Domino 7. Residence}


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