do as you're told

I keep seeing a lot of instructive decor.  You know the kind of thing.  Wall lettering telling us to

and what not.  Sleep spelt out above a bed.  Bathe adorning the wall above the tub.  You can see where I'm going with this.  There's nothing wrong with these little instructions, I just wonder if we should have a look at something new a bit different loves?  We managed perfectly well before them didn't we so why don't we try 

You what?!  You're asking.  I mean, get us some

for our walls that just says stuff, rather than telling us what we should be doing and where.  Do you feel the same or are you wondering Hayley...

Oh.  Well I am loving a bit of neon signage.  In fact I'm going to suggest to Allanis that we should

I'll tell him it'll be perfect for

and then I'll say Allanis...

and give him a

and if I'm

he'll agree and we'll
Oh.  Bugger, we've had that.  It's getting tricky now.  Well anyway I'd like some neon in my life.  I'd also like to take a trip to err,

Or...something.  Or perhaps we'll

What?  What does that say?  Err, we could

WHAT?  What even is that word?  Louli? I'm floundering and it started so well.  Anyway, let's just

a bit more creatve with our words is all I'm suggesting.  And if we

with our neon we could just have a peace sign or a cross that look nice. 

Or a neon bedroom!  No not a neon bedroom.  Limits loves.  There are limits.

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  1. I'm not a fan of these imperatives either. But I would prefer one to a goddamn lit up peace sign. Christ on a bike that is hideous. Even the neon bedroom would be preferable. I HATE that peace sign.

    Rant over, very funny post. I like what you did there!


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