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I am a real life zombie.  The Baby has a cold.  And is teething.  And howled with woe about the whole sorry state of affairs until 4am this morning.  I am today sponsored by Costa, Starbucks and other reputable coffee houses selling flat whites.

Anyway, let's not talk about all that.  Let's talk about fish that look like velvet furnishing fabrics.  Whaaa?  You say.  Look....

The Baby and I saw this fish on our recent trip to our crazy local garden centre*.  As well as wood chippings, nasturtiums and your common or garden koi carp this garden centre sells fishes that look like velvert furnishing fabrics.  They even have a parrot that talks and everything.  Look what can I say, it's Hampshire, that's just how we roll.

We often spend a good few minutes getting mesmerised by the fishies when we go there.  I was planning to take a photo of a particularly bonkers tank where there was a massive mix of colours and patterned fish but they have separated them all and so the post I had in mind on eclectic and clashing schemes being inspired by nature has been shelved.** However, we saw this chap and I said to The Baby "The Baby!  Is it me, or does that fishie look familiar?"  He thought it was just me, but loves, that just goes to prove he isn't always right because that fish is the poisson embodiment of this Osbourne & Little fabric:

Yes?  No?  YES! Never knowingly off duty folks, that's me.  I thank you.  This is 'Corallo', part of their Sereno Velvets collection and although I don't like it in blue there are other colourways that would look fabulous for upholstery.  I am in  the market for both wallpaper and fabrics and so got a bit drawn in when I looked at the site. 

Weirdly I had this image saved for the new bedroom moodboard and thought I'd never find out what the pattern was and where it came from and then BAM!  here it is. It's like the fish LED me to it!  Thanks fish! It's muuuuuch smaller in the real but as part of the Teatro collection, 'Ravenna' wallpaper (which is what this is) is a perfect option for what I'm looking for.

The Du Barry trellis is pretty maj too.

As is the Minaret silk.  Love this but actually all the colourways are all amazing....

It reminded me of the image below which is one of my favourite colour combinations ever.  (If you haven't seen Sincerely Jules, have a look, it's a really nice style blog.)

It's like a veritable sweetshop on the O&L site.  Have a look.   And in other non aquatic related soft furnishing news, I read that the Harlequin group have launched sister brand Scion. The vibe seems to be fresh, uncluttered graphic prints in the Orla Keily vein.  There's a clear Scandinavian feel and it's more trend led that it's bigger sister.  Nothing that I saw on the site massively floats my boat personally but it's a vibrant mix and those of you that like a Keily graphic should take a look. 

Anyway, I'm off back on to O&L to take another look.  You know what will happen don't you?  I'll love loads and then I'll have too many options.  As the saying goes though, better to have an embarrassment of riches than...to (err)...have, none?  COFFEE!!!!


* We were on a fact finding mission.  More details of the whys and wherefores of that to come.  Needless to say we got distracted by fishies and then it was sunny so The Baby took me for a latte outside and heckled some other customers by doing a bit of screaming and throwing a Sophie (le giraffe) at them.  Him, not me.

** Lesson learnt you can't rely on local garden centres to provide material for photography for your blog.  Talking parrot or not.

{images via: Osbourne & Little, Sincerely Jules, Scion}


  1. Oh hope the baby feels better soon.. i've been there.. 1st birthday, teething plus an infection and a house full of guests.. not fun. And hope you get some sleep soon.
    I love gray.. it complements other colors so well.. it loos great with both purple and turquoise.

  2. He is much better now thank you Hena! Hoorah! And a second tooth on it's way, he's an old pro now. I have weaned myself off rocket fuel strength coffee over the week and am not (quite) so sleep deprived. x


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