a way with a tray

Oh I know, I knooow!  I left you last Friday all cheery and with a 'more next weeks folks!' and then....nada.  Do you know where I've been?  In that damned bedroom, in amongst the piles of laundry (to be ironed, ironed, to be put away, oh wait we have nowhere to put it away, just leave it there then, ok) that's where. I HAVE BEEN ILL AGAIN.  I can't believe it.  I feel about as healthy as 12 year old Victorian chimney sweep, honestly.  And actually I got tonsillitis which is a 12 year old sort of thing to get.  Not nice as a grown up.  My actual real life skin hurt.  I said to my Dr, 'I think I've got tonsillitis, but my skin hurts so that's a bit weird isn't it?' 'Oh nooooo!' She said 'That can happen at your age!' Errrr.  I'm sorry what?  At my age?  Dear God, has it come to this already?  I'm only 32. Pffft.

Anyway.  So I had it, at my age and everything and complete with hurty skin. And then I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics, which is frankly TYPICAL and in total I spent almost four days lying prone in THAT bedroom.  I think Allanis was relieved when I eventually started muttering quietly about storage late on Sunday night because he knew I was on the mend.  And actually, something positive has come of my malady loves, and that is that I Have A Plan.

In the last post I used an image of a tray.  That little tray has inspired our bedroom believe it or not.  Along with a painting on my-mate-Jill's living room wall, a directors chair, some curtaining and Rachel Zoe.*  It's going to be marvellous. And WHITE and FULL TO THE BRIM WITH STORAGE. Thanks heavens for that.  We can all breathe a sigh of relief, I will get cracking on it soon. I am no longer prepared to live in chaos.  (At my age.)

In lieu of the inspiration images I'll show you the apartment that that glorious tray lives in.  I had all the pics saved from various sources but it was only recently that I realised they all came from the same apartment.  And see that vision of loveliness at the top in her peppermint sweater...it's hers.  She's Nina Bergsten and she has A Way With A Tray that's for sure. The property is in Malmo, Sweden and of course it has all the traits of impeccable Swedish style.  I read though that she loves Parisian flea markets and you can see there's a light, romantic influence on some elements which softens the overall look.  I think its important that a property flows in some way design wise, but I really like how Nina has mixed it up a bit here it's certainly not samey same in every room, for example the amazing and ornate ceiling of the living room provides the perfect foil to the sleek marble dining table and stripped back, almost intrusive lighting overhead and the bedroom is about as low key as you could get. The key that holds the whole thing together for me is just really, really good taste.  Shall we?  Let's....

C'est magnifique.  I'm off for a lie down, there will be more this week.  I promise!!

*Images to follow, I am behind on uploading what with the 12 year olds illness and all.

{images via: Decorista, This is Glamorous, Homes & Interiors - see blog roll for links}


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