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When Allanis or I put The Baby to bed we actually have to put music on and turn it UP.  I mean, really UP.  For reals!!  He gets his bedtime milk listening to totally unsoothing, banging music.  He loves it.  He's crazy for a bit of drum and bass for example. He really likes dubstep.  He's picky about his house but is his mother.  I mean, it's slightly odd but The Baby is a bit crackers and it keeps him happy and I'm aaaaaall for that let me tell you. I'll install a boombox next to his cot if needs be, serious.

However! Pretty much everyone else on the planet wants some sort of quiet, restful space when they head to bed including reader 'GM', who requested some inspiration for bedrooms with a 'luxurious, sanctury' feel.  Obviously  luxury and sanctuary mean different things to different people (it's a good job she came to me for advice rather than The Baby because frankly, he couldn't be trusted on this one) but here's my run down on how I would go about creating that vibe....

First things first people, it's the bed.  For a luxe feel you need plushness and texture.  I actually had a convo with a chap in an interiors shop recently who declared that the items I had picked out were all 'just soooo texturial!'  Texturial?  Really?  I don't think that's an actual real life word but (worryingly) I got what he meant and he was right. A deep buttoned headboard in a delicious fabric is always going to be a winner.

Heaven right? So in keeping with our texturial (I feel it needs to be pronounced textuuuuuuurial) feel the bed linen needs to be right.  Good stuff folks.  I'm knee deep in Ikea bedding myself, but let's gloss over that...if you're going to do the luxe feel right you've got to go for a good quality lot of linen with a really decent thread count.  It makes a massive difference.  And then add more pillows and cushions than anyone would ever really need in their actual life.  You want it to be tricky to get in the bed, yes?  It feels luxurious being propped up on fat feather cushions and most importantly it's deliciously comfortable and cosy and THAT is what you need in your sanctuary.  Then you need sumptuous throws.  Look....

When it comes to fabric silk is hands down  the top dog for luxe and the mix of silky sheen and the plumpness of a (faux) fur throw contrast beautifully to give a sense of depth atop that crisp bedlinen.

Storage is vital.  Your sanctuary is going to be ruined if your ironing pile is stashed in one corner, your shoes in another...etc etc, you get the picture.  I am at heart a lazy bugger and so as a result, have become borderline obsessive about storage space.  Allanis gets sick of me bemoaning our lack of it at No 74 but I am utterly convinced that if everything has a space to live in it's actually easier to just put things away than keep tripping over them or whatevs.  So good chests of drawers in really great materials like walnut woods, or high gloss or glass dressing tables are fantastic, adding another layer of luxe.

Allanis is a nuisance for discrading puddles of coins on anything with a flat surface in our bedroom. As you don't live with him you might not have this same issue to deal with but still, bedside tables are generally prone to becoming a disaster zone for all of us, THIS WILL NOT WORK IN OUR SANCTUARIES LOVES!  I am a fan of display trays, and something like this atop a bedside table is a really nice finishing touch that encourages ones inner squirrel to put things AWAY, damn it.

Lighting is essential.  Obvs. Making sure there is enough lighting is key to that sanctuary feel.  The whole room needs to feel cosy and enveloped in a warm glow, you don't want to be looking into any gloom.  Standard lamps in empty corners are a nice touch.  If you have any empty corners after you have filled them with drawers and tables upon which to place your squirrely trays that is. You could even go for linear or upighters if you're really swanky.

And don't forget your ceiling lights.  Or The Big Light as it is universally known.  Don't let your Big Light let you down.

In terms of colour, I like sumptuous rich colours in theory but have never been able to live with them for long in a bedroom.  I always have my head turned by them though, the devils...

And finally, the finishing touches.  I think it's really important for rooms to have the right acoustics. You know the really nice quiet thud of a quality car door shutting?  You want the equivalent of that in your sanctuary bedroom.  Sounds should be dull and muted.  Wallpaper, drapes and curtains and furniture all help.  And a really good chair, or chaise would be glorious for adding interest and a flash of colour.  Just don't chuck your jeans on them at the end of the day, you hear? You have a walnut chest of drawers for those now remember.

Here are more images to finish up.  Hope that helps GM.  Goodnight loves and have a great weekend. More next week.


{images via: apartment 34, casa in style, red, delight in design, elle deco, nymag, casa in style, forgotten sources}


  1. Please can I have the pink chair?!

  2. Surely. I'll have The Baby parcel it up and get it despatched right away! (lovely isn't it? That colour is mega.)

  3. Very inspiring pictures! Love the velvet armchair and the picture with the Byredo perfumes!

  4. Thank you! There is a whole lot of love for that chair. And more on that tray picture to come! x


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