and so it behun

Aggghhhhh!  I am obsessed by these drapes.  Obsessed.  Since I first saw this last week I have been trying to fathom a way to do a drapey thing in our new bedroom, floor to ceiling gauzy fabric filtering through the late evening sun and WHAT AM I THINKING?!.... we don't even have storage* and I have a tight budget.  We certainly don't need drapes.  But I love them.  LOVE.

I stumbled across Kelly Behun's website whilst searching for some bedroom inspiration.  The KB Studio to do white on white brilliantly.  I mean, would you take a look....

That floor!  (If ever a house would benefit from a white gloss floor it's No 74.)

These are all from a Long Island house.  So caaaaalm. And white.  White and caaaaalm.

This is a penthouse in NYC.  Now, I feel sick with longing to be in New York at least twice weekly and these pics have had me biting my knuckles in angst.  The view loves!  And the white!  The white and the view!

And those twinkly little lights!  The atmosphere in that photo reminds me of watching the sun rise after staying up all night.  Ah!  Miss spent youth!  (Annoyingly not spent in quite so glammy environs.)  Oh good grief, the bedroom is aces too....

Can you imagine waking up to that view?  Jealoux. These people even have a The Baby.  I can't see any signs of ground in rusk on their Paul Smith rug or forgotten discarded formula bottles or other general The Baby detritus.  My pony tail is not that swooshy. I feel slightly inadequate. 

See more here.  There is a pink bedroom on there that is really quite horrid but I bet Kelly did that under duress. I'm off to practise making my hair swoosh.  That is the only thing from the above that seems vaguely achieveable. 

Night y'all. x

* There is progress on the storage.  I repeat, there is progress.

{all images via: kelly behun studio see above link for more)


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