curtain call

La Paltrow gets a lot of stick for basically being a perfect pants but I'm all for her. I mean would you take a look at her at the Oscars...high octane glamour without looking like you really tried?  BOOM!  She stood apart in a sea of 'meh' dresses for me. However, whilst The Baby and I were watching the red carpet, nodding sagely and agreeing that Gwynnie had Shut It Down our minds wandered a our current curtain dilemma.  I mean, you can see how that would happen can't you?

The issue is that I want my window treatments to be as perfect aa Paltrow but I have an especially huge bedroom bay window that is going to need something bespoke doing to it to make it look its best.  The word bespoke makes Allanis run for the hills because it usually equals expense but we currently have a tired old plastic curtain rail which is perfect for pencil pleat drapes but I just don't like them.  They go all bunchy at the top. Gwynnie wouldn't tolerate bunching and so damn it nor shall I.  If it's going to cost a fair whack to get some curtains specially made they have to be perfect.  So, research people....

Love the soft blush with yellow and black. (Habitat do really gorgeous silk taffeta panels that are really similar fact finders.)

Nice and gauzy but not bedroomy enough obvs...IS THAT A BAR CART IN THE CORNER?  Agh!

This is far too nauseatingly girly for me and Gwyneth, what with the corsage.  Does a curtain need a corsage?  I like the swoosh to the side and the little bit of puddling at the floor. Just let's leave the floral accessories in the 90's with Carrie Bradshaw shall we. Next!

When Curtains Take Over Your Room - Part 1.  But I actually kind of like it. The mirrors make me nervous though.  They appear drunk, if that's at all possible. Our window is similar in style and I like the four drape approach. Four drapes means four x's as much bespoking though.  I can sense Allanis shuddering.

Are these stylish NETS? Well no, but a really fresh use of muslin style drapes. Useless to me but nice soft option for dividing space and maintaining light and a good gauze should be applauded.

But none of them are right.  This saga will continue.

BTW did YOU know that the curtain cape came off?  No?  Well now you do.  She thinks of everything Paltrow.

 {images via: elements of syle, elle deco, this is glamorous, the glamourai, fantastic frank, grazia, go fug yourself}


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