Friday, 30 March 2012

an unrhysonable price

Well I don't know about you, but about this time on a Friday lunchtime I like to torture myself by looking at Things I Can't Afford on the Anthropologie site!  Try it!  You'll love it!*

The Rhys chair?  They did it in yellow which I really liked.  Now the swines do it in turquoise which I really really like.  How.  Annoying.

{image via: anthropologie}

If they didn't want almost £2k for it it would be mine. 

* You will like it for a bit and then you'll think, pfffft to this.  Unless you are a rich person in which case you probably really will love it.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

and so it behun

Aggghhhhh!  I am obsessed by these drapes.  Obsessed.  Since I first saw this last week I have been trying to fathom a way to do a drapey thing in our new bedroom, floor to ceiling gauzy fabric filtering through the late evening sun and WHAT AM I THINKING?!.... we don't even have storage* and I have a tight budget.  We certainly don't need drapes.  But I love them.  LOVE.

I stumbled across Kelly Behun's website whilst searching for some bedroom inspiration.  The KB Studio to do white on white brilliantly.  I mean, would you take a look....

That floor!  (If ever a house would benefit from a white gloss floor it's No 74.)

These are all from a Long Island house.  So caaaaalm. And white.  White and caaaaalm.

This is a penthouse in NYC.  Now, I feel sick with longing to be in New York at least twice weekly and these pics have had me biting my knuckles in angst.  The view loves!  And the white!  The white and the view!

And those twinkly little lights!  The atmosphere in that photo reminds me of watching the sun rise after staying up all night.  Ah!  Miss spent youth!  (Annoyingly not spent in quite so glammy environs.)  Oh good grief, the bedroom is aces too....

Can you imagine waking up to that view?  Jealoux. These people even have a The Baby.  I can't see any signs of ground in rusk on their Paul Smith rug or forgotten discarded formula bottles or other general The Baby detritus.  My pony tail is not that swooshy. I feel slightly inadequate. 

See more here.  There is a pink bedroom on there that is really quite horrid but I bet Kelly did that under duress. I'm off to practise making my hair swoosh.  That is the only thing from the above that seems vaguely achieveable. 

Night y'all. x

* There is progress on the storage.  I repeat, there is progress.

{all images via: kelly behun studio see above link for more)

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

well upholstered

I am a real life zombie.  The Baby has a cold.  And is teething.  And howled with woe about the whole sorry state of affairs until 4am this morning.  I am today sponsored by Costa, Starbucks and other reputable coffee houses selling flat whites.

Anyway, let's not talk about all that.  Let's talk about fish that look like velvet furnishing fabrics.  Whaaa?  You say.  Look....

The Baby and I saw this fish on our recent trip to our crazy local garden centre*.  As well as wood chippings, nasturtiums and your common or garden koi carp this garden centre sells fishes that look like velvert furnishing fabrics.  They even have a parrot that talks and everything.  Look what can I say, it's Hampshire, that's just how we roll.

We often spend a good few minutes getting mesmerised by the fishies when we go there.  I was planning to take a photo of a particularly bonkers tank where there was a massive mix of colours and patterned fish but they have separated them all and so the post I had in mind on eclectic and clashing schemes being inspired by nature has been shelved.** However, we saw this chap and I said to The Baby "The Baby!  Is it me, or does that fishie look familiar?"  He thought it was just me, but loves, that just goes to prove he isn't always right because that fish is the poisson embodiment of this Osbourne & Little fabric:

Yes?  No?  YES! Never knowingly off duty folks, that's me.  I thank you.  This is 'Corallo', part of their Sereno Velvets collection and although I don't like it in blue there are other colourways that would look fabulous for upholstery.  I am in  the market for both wallpaper and fabrics and so got a bit drawn in when I looked at the site. 

Weirdly I had this image saved for the new bedroom moodboard and thought I'd never find out what the pattern was and where it came from and then BAM!  here it is. It's like the fish LED me to it!  Thanks fish! It's muuuuuch smaller in the real but as part of the Teatro collection, 'Ravenna' wallpaper (which is what this is) is a perfect option for what I'm looking for.

The Du Barry trellis is pretty maj too.

As is the Minaret silk.  Love this but actually all the colourways are all amazing....

It reminded me of the image below which is one of my favourite colour combinations ever.  (If you haven't seen Sincerely Jules, have a look, it's a really nice style blog.)

It's like a veritable sweetshop on the O&L site.  Have a look.   And in other non aquatic related soft furnishing news, I read that the Harlequin group have launched sister brand Scion. The vibe seems to be fresh, uncluttered graphic prints in the Orla Keily vein.  There's a clear Scandinavian feel and it's more trend led that it's bigger sister.  Nothing that I saw on the site massively floats my boat personally but it's a vibrant mix and those of you that like a Keily graphic should take a look. 

Anyway, I'm off back on to O&L to take another look.  You know what will happen don't you?  I'll love loads and then I'll have too many options.  As the saying goes though, better to have an embarrassment of riches (err)...have, none?  COFFEE!!!!


* We were on a fact finding mission.  More details of the whys and wherefores of that to come.  Needless to say we got distracted by fishies and then it was sunny so The Baby took me for a latte outside and heckled some other customers by doing a bit of screaming and throwing a Sophie (le giraffe) at them.  Him, not me.

** Lesson learnt you can't rely on local garden centres to provide material for photography for your blog.  Talking parrot or not.

{images via: Osbourne & Little, Sincerely Jules, Scion}

Monday, 19 March 2012

a way with a tray

Oh I know, I knooow!  I left you last Friday all cheery and with a 'more next weeks folks!' and then....nada.  Do you know where I've been?  In that damned bedroom, in amongst the piles of laundry (to be ironed, ironed, to be put away, oh wait we have nowhere to put it away, just leave it there then, ok) that's where. I HAVE BEEN ILL AGAIN.  I can't believe it.  I feel about as healthy as 12 year old Victorian chimney sweep, honestly.  And actually I got tonsillitis which is a 12 year old sort of thing to get.  Not nice as a grown up.  My actual real life skin hurt.  I said to my Dr, 'I think I've got tonsillitis, but my skin hurts so that's a bit weird isn't it?' 'Oh nooooo!' She said 'That can happen at your age!' Errrr.  I'm sorry what?  At my age?  Dear God, has it come to this already?  I'm only 32. Pffft.

Anyway.  So I had it, at my age and everything and complete with hurty skin. And then I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics, which is frankly TYPICAL and in total I spent almost four days lying prone in THAT bedroom.  I think Allanis was relieved when I eventually started muttering quietly about storage late on Sunday night because he knew I was on the mend.  And actually, something positive has come of my malady loves, and that is that I Have A Plan.

In the last post I used an image of a tray.  That little tray has inspired our bedroom believe it or not.  Along with a painting on my-mate-Jill's living room wall, a directors chair, some curtaining and Rachel Zoe.*  It's going to be marvellous. And WHITE and FULL TO THE BRIM WITH STORAGE. Thanks heavens for that.  We can all breathe a sigh of relief, I will get cracking on it soon. I am no longer prepared to live in chaos.  (At my age.)

In lieu of the inspiration images I'll show you the apartment that that glorious tray lives in.  I had all the pics saved from various sources but it was only recently that I realised they all came from the same apartment.  And see that vision of loveliness at the top in her peppermint's hers.  She's Nina Bergsten and she has A Way With A Tray that's for sure. The property is in Malmo, Sweden and of course it has all the traits of impeccable Swedish style.  I read though that she loves Parisian flea markets and you can see there's a light, romantic influence on some elements which softens the overall look.  I think its important that a property flows in some way design wise, but I really like how Nina has mixed it up a bit here it's certainly not samey same in every room, for example the amazing and ornate ceiling of the living room provides the perfect foil to the sleek marble dining table and stripped back, almost intrusive lighting overhead and the bedroom is about as low key as you could get. The key that holds the whole thing together for me is just really, really good taste.  Shall we?  Let's....

C'est magnifique.  I'm off for a lie down, there will be more this week.  I promise!!

*Images to follow, I am behind on uploading what with the 12 year olds illness and all.

{images via: Decorista, This is Glamorous, Homes & Interiors - see blog roll for links}

Friday, 9 March 2012

she sells sanctuary

When Allanis or I put The Baby to bed we actually have to put music on and turn it UP.  I mean, really UP.  For reals!!  He gets his bedtime milk listening to totally unsoothing, banging music.  He loves it.  He's crazy for a bit of drum and bass for example. He really likes dubstep.  He's picky about his house but is his mother.  I mean, it's slightly odd but The Baby is a bit crackers and it keeps him happy and I'm aaaaaall for that let me tell you. I'll install a boombox next to his cot if needs be, serious.

However! Pretty much everyone else on the planet wants some sort of quiet, restful space when they head to bed including reader 'GM', who requested some inspiration for bedrooms with a 'luxurious, sanctury' feel.  Obviously  luxury and sanctuary mean different things to different people (it's a good job she came to me for advice rather than The Baby because frankly, he couldn't be trusted on this one) but here's my run down on how I would go about creating that vibe....

First things first people, it's the bed.  For a luxe feel you need plushness and texture.  I actually had a convo with a chap in an interiors shop recently who declared that the items I had picked out were all 'just soooo texturial!'  Texturial?  Really?  I don't think that's an actual real life word but (worryingly) I got what he meant and he was right. A deep buttoned headboard in a delicious fabric is always going to be a winner.

Heaven right? So in keeping with our texturial (I feel it needs to be pronounced textuuuuuuurial) feel the bed linen needs to be right.  Good stuff folks.  I'm knee deep in Ikea bedding myself, but let's gloss over that...if you're going to do the luxe feel right you've got to go for a good quality lot of linen with a really decent thread count.  It makes a massive difference.  And then add more pillows and cushions than anyone would ever really need in their actual life.  You want it to be tricky to get in the bed, yes?  It feels luxurious being propped up on fat feather cushions and most importantly it's deliciously comfortable and cosy and THAT is what you need in your sanctuary.  Then you need sumptuous throws.  Look....

When it comes to fabric silk is hands down  the top dog for luxe and the mix of silky sheen and the plumpness of a (faux) fur throw contrast beautifully to give a sense of depth atop that crisp bedlinen.

Storage is vital.  Your sanctuary is going to be ruined if your ironing pile is stashed in one corner, your shoes in another...etc etc, you get the picture.  I am at heart a lazy bugger and so as a result, have become borderline obsessive about storage space.  Allanis gets sick of me bemoaning our lack of it at No 74 but I am utterly convinced that if everything has a space to live in it's actually easier to just put things away than keep tripping over them or whatevs.  So good chests of drawers in really great materials like walnut woods, or high gloss or glass dressing tables are fantastic, adding another layer of luxe.

Allanis is a nuisance for discrading puddles of coins on anything with a flat surface in our bedroom. As you don't live with him you might not have this same issue to deal with but still, bedside tables are generally prone to becoming a disaster zone for all of us, THIS WILL NOT WORK IN OUR SANCTUARIES LOVES!  I am a fan of display trays, and something like this atop a bedside table is a really nice finishing touch that encourages ones inner squirrel to put things AWAY, damn it.

Lighting is essential.  Obvs. Making sure there is enough lighting is key to that sanctuary feel.  The whole room needs to feel cosy and enveloped in a warm glow, you don't want to be looking into any gloom.  Standard lamps in empty corners are a nice touch.  If you have any empty corners after you have filled them with drawers and tables upon which to place your squirrely trays that is. You could even go for linear or upighters if you're really swanky.

And don't forget your ceiling lights.  Or The Big Light as it is universally known.  Don't let your Big Light let you down.

In terms of colour, I like sumptuous rich colours in theory but have never been able to live with them for long in a bedroom.  I always have my head turned by them though, the devils...

And finally, the finishing touches.  I think it's really important for rooms to have the right acoustics. You know the really nice quiet thud of a quality car door shutting?  You want the equivalent of that in your sanctuary bedroom.  Sounds should be dull and muted.  Wallpaper, drapes and curtains and furniture all help.  And a really good chair, or chaise would be glorious for adding interest and a flash of colour.  Just don't chuck your jeans on them at the end of the day, you hear? You have a walnut chest of drawers for those now remember.

Here are more images to finish up.  Hope that helps GM.  Goodnight loves and have a great weekend. More next week.


{images via: apartment 34, casa in style, red, delight in design, elle deco, nymag, casa in style, forgotten sources}

Monday, 5 March 2012

curtain call

La Paltrow gets a lot of stick for basically being a perfect pants but I'm all for her. I mean would you take a look at her at the Oscars...high octane glamour without looking like you really tried?  BOOM!  She stood apart in a sea of 'meh' dresses for me. However, whilst The Baby and I were watching the red carpet, nodding sagely and agreeing that Gwynnie had Shut It Down our minds wandered a our current curtain dilemma.  I mean, you can see how that would happen can't you?

The issue is that I want my window treatments to be as perfect aa Paltrow but I have an especially huge bedroom bay window that is going to need something bespoke doing to it to make it look its best.  The word bespoke makes Allanis run for the hills because it usually equals expense but we currently have a tired old plastic curtain rail which is perfect for pencil pleat drapes but I just don't like them.  They go all bunchy at the top. Gwynnie wouldn't tolerate bunching and so damn it nor shall I.  If it's going to cost a fair whack to get some curtains specially made they have to be perfect.  So, research people....

Love the soft blush with yellow and black. (Habitat do really gorgeous silk taffeta panels that are really similar fact finders.)

Nice and gauzy but not bedroomy enough obvs...IS THAT A BAR CART IN THE CORNER?  Agh!

This is far too nauseatingly girly for me and Gwyneth, what with the corsage.  Does a curtain need a corsage?  I like the swoosh to the side and the little bit of puddling at the floor. Just let's leave the floral accessories in the 90's with Carrie Bradshaw shall we. Next!

When Curtains Take Over Your Room - Part 1.  But I actually kind of like it. The mirrors make me nervous though.  They appear drunk, if that's at all possible. Our window is similar in style and I like the four drape approach. Four drapes means four x's as much bespoking though.  I can sense Allanis shuddering.

Are these stylish NETS? Well no, but a really fresh use of muslin style drapes. Useless to me but nice soft option for dividing space and maintaining light and a good gauze should be applauded.

But none of them are right.  This saga will continue.

BTW did YOU know that the curtain cape came off?  No?  Well now you do.  She thinks of everything Paltrow.

 {images via: elements of syle, elle deco, this is glamorous, the glamourai, fantastic frank, grazia, go fug yourself}