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I found a window cleaner today.*  I stopped a man carrying a big ladder in the street and asked him "Are you a window cleaner or a burglar?" "Errr.  A window cleaner" he said pointing to his bucket.  "Oh hurrah! I thought you looked too jaunty to be a burglar! Will you do my windows?" I bellowed back.  I am officially morphing into a character from a bloody Enid Blyton novel.  It is mortifying.

The Baby still has no teeth, nor much of a sense of humour.  In an attempt to bring some sunshine into No 74 today I had a trawl through images looking for some lovely bright rooms.  I hadn't noticed before but I had tonnes of pictures of rooms with pops of orange which is odd, because I really don't like orange.  Well I didn't think I did, but evidently I do.  Weird.  (I also have an aversion to the use of the word 'pop' when describing a bit of colour in an otherwise neutral room but I have just done that too.**)  What is becoming of me loves?  It's The Baby's Giant Sense of Humour Failure that's to blame I am sure of it. 

Anyway, here we go...

Now I remember bookmarking this and LOVING that trouser. Allanis would not walk with me if I were to sport a pant that bright though I just know it.

This one is more subtle, but it's there.  Orange and fur? I would never have though I'd like that, and yet I sort of do.  I think.  Not the cushions though, eugh.

I love the Eames DSW.  I would love a great big battered wooden table surrounded by them in the kitchen. Classics.  And even in orange! Who'd have thunk it?

Agghhhh  I love this so much.  When I have my massive table and Eames DSWs I will also have a shower room like this. I mean, REALLY!  Phen. Om. Enal.

And then there's this.  THE WALLS LIGHT UP!  I can't even manage to get sixteen pictures hung and these people have got WALLS THAT LIGHT UP and pictures.  Man!  I need to up my game, seriously.

I might not have walls that light up, or pictures hung but I will have clean windows tomorrow.  Unless he was a burglar.  Hmm.  I'll let you know. x

*    I have been trying to find a window cleaner for the last eight months.  By 'trying to find' I mean I have repeatedly told Allanis in increasingly exasperated tones "WE NEED A WINDOW CLEANER" and then have done nothing more about it. So this is a possible triumph for me and my fenêtres.

** I just think it's a bit overused, you know? 

{images via: coco & kelly, estefania, fantastic frank and a forgotten source - sorry}


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