ms matthews' wonderwalls

Did you watch the Brits?  Allanis and I did.  Through our fingers whilst going 'AGGGHHHHH' every time a presenter popped up to ramble and forget what category they were announcing or when any acceptance speech was made.  We watch things like that as a form of torture in our house, can't bear it really but we are grimly fascinated.  You know like on Come Dine With Me where The Host does entertainment and they get a really rubbish band in or a dance troupe or something and all the guests are MORTIFIED but The Host is there just loving it?  We love to shout 'AGGGGHHHH' at things like that and flap our arms around and say 'MAKE IT STOP!!' It makes us feel alive.

Anyway The Brits always make me think of Oasis and Blur and all that jazz, which in turn made me think of Supernova Heights.  I used to live a few streets away from it in glorious, leafy Belsize Park.  I never spotted  either Gallagher or any of the Primrose set but I did regularly see Nicholas Parsons which actually was by far preferable.  He has a spectacular way with a cravat that Mr Parsons.  I salute him.  Anyway obviously Meg 'n' Noel sold it  (Supernova Heights that is, stick with me) when they split up and annoyingly I can hardly find any images of it at all in all it's ostentatious 90's glory.  But perhaps that is actually for the best. 

Whilst searching I read that Meg Matthews is now an interior designer.  Really?  Ho. She does quite a nice line in wallpaper, available from Liberty, but I'm not sure her style is up many people's rue when it comes to interior decor.  Niche let's say.  Here is Meg's bedroom for example:

That's a whoooole lot of Wonderwall right there.

And the bathroom.  Now I love me some black walls but I'm more your Jenna Lyons kinda gal than this. Is that lamp corsetted?

I do love this chair though.  And that little thing next to her,  the bear thing.  I love those, who makes those?

Liberty also stocks her silk printed scarves which are really nice and she is designing for Dwell so things are going nicely for Ms Matthews.  I've always rather liked her. And look how pleased she is with her pineapples. 

Here are some other fantastic rock and roll inspired interiors that are perhaps less...niche.

The ubiquitous rock and roll skull...

It's all about the chairs. Mustard awesomeness.

LOVE the matte black metros.

There is a disco ball on the shelf. Ergo, rock and roll.

Glammy bathroom for vain types.

A pool for the groupies. Nice!

Night y'all. x


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