that's a lauder mid century

I know, it went very quiet last week.  Why?  Because The Baby's sense of humour is back.  As Leonard Cohen once sang, haaaaaaaallelujah.  So we were out having fun most of last week, leaving me very little time for all things interiors.  Calm is now restored though and normal service can resume.  (Thank. The. Lord.)

Apart from my boy being a smiler again, it also made me happy to spot this last week.  I first saw Aerin
Lauder's Aspen home last year and it has been lodged* in my mind ever since.  It has done the rounds on the blogosphere I know, but let me just indulge myself for today.  I mean, just looking at it makes me feel calm.  The light flooding in through those huge windows is glorious and the spare yet luxurious decor is divine.  Nice collection of nicely warm toned midcentrury modern furniture too Ms Lauder! I salute you.

I read aaaages ago that she has launching a lifestyle line.  Has that happened yet?  Anna Wintour was reportedly going to be advising.  Amazeballs.  I mean I'm quite sure with La Wintour on board I wouldn't be able to afford a single thing but we can dream can't we.  For now shall we gaze at the ski lodge and sigh?

{images via: this is glamorous, ugly t-shirt, refinery 29)

* It's a ski lodge yes, but that was not an intentional pun. (For once.)


  1. Oh my gosh, this is utter heaven. When can I move in? Mountains and beautiful calming interior and fur throws. I don't think I have ever seen a house that I would more like to live in.


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