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Did I get the pictures hung? No.  Did I spend a large proportion of my evening moving furniture around in the spare room in an attempt to make it look bigger?  Yes!  Did it look bigger?  Of course not.  Did all the furniture go back to it's original place, because after all that's where it makes sense for it to be. Yessss. Damn.  Picture hanging tomorrow, serioulsy.

In other news, I read that a new hotel has just opened in London.  Belgraves is in, wait for it...yeah Belgravia. Tara Bernerd has done the interior design.  Would you take a look at her?  

If I had a hotel I would let her design it simply for that arm cuff alone.  I love that. She's all, yeah I'm classic and cool in my white shirt and then BAM what's that? A slightly saucy arm cuff?  Bravo that girl!

Belgraves is the Thompson Hotel group's first opening in Europe. Bernerd has gone for a dark and masculine aesthetic which I like.  I always want hotel rooms to look pristine and edgy because that is most definitely not what my bedroom at home looks like as you know, and vive la difference and all that.

The bathroom is a bit too marbleated* for me but that looks like the kind of shower that you would spring out of jauntily just because it's so clean and fresh looking and that is never a bad thing, is it?

Belgraves also has a bar & restaurant called Hix.  It's logo...

reminds me of...

Just sayin'!  Anyway, I'm off up to bed in my non pristine, unmasculine bedroom.  La bonne nuit mes chéris x

{images via: thompson hotels, tara bernerd,sarahandbendix etsy shop}

* Is not a real word. I was clutching at straws for an adjective and it's late.  Forgive me.


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