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Because Allanis is off work we had grand plans to get loads of things done.  We have done precisely none of them so far and we have two days of his official holiday time left. One thing we absolutely MUST get sorted is hanging the pictures in the dining room.  At the moment they are all stacked up on the table (yet more piles of things...remember the stacks of clothes in the bedroom?  A theme emerges?!) There are masses of them, all different shapes and sizes.  The things is, I am a bit particular about how I like pictures hung.  We put up two of our largest frames in the living room as an emergency measure because it didn't feel like home without them when we moved in. They look so sad!  They just sort of, well, hang there.  They need re-doing too. I like a wall to be covered with art with every piece jostling for space and yet still being made to stand out.  Here are some picture walls that I really like as a bit of inspiration.

The colour and genre mix is great on this one...

Haphazard frames (that almost definitely aren't haphazard at all) arranged on strict linear shelving is a really nice contrast.

For me, this is far too minimal to live with day to day but I really like the stripped back style...

And then there's this!  We have so many photos that I don't want to forget about in a box in the loft but I don't want to put them in individual frames. This would really work, loads of photos of our favourite people making one great big picture.  Brilliant.

Needless to say I am going to spend a lot of tomorrow arranging all the frames on the floor like picture tetris, and then trying to transfer that  plan to the wall and then having a barny with Allanis when it comes to the drilling bit because that is what always happens when we do this. Wish me luck!  (Aghhhh!) x

{images via: forgotten source, pop deco, forgotten source, elements of style}


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