gilty secret

Obviously Valentine's Day is coming up.  Yadda yadda.  I am not feeling particularly romantically inclined towards my husband at the moment.  Yesterday he came home from the dry cleaners with a bag of fun sized chocolate bars.  I had rather expected him to come home with the dry cleaning, but no matter. So we sat down with a coffee whilst The Baby napped (I know we should have been doing the picture hanging, I know) and he opened the chocolates.  Holding onto them as though he was doing an exam and I was trying to crib his answers he said 'Whaddya want? Crunchie, Fudge or Caramel...there are Chomps but I'm afraid I can't give you one of those because they're my favourites.' I'm sorry what?  'You CAN'T give me one because they're your favourites?  I am your wife!' I said.  'Yeah. Hmm. Sorry. Have a Crunchie though, you like those.' Well!  I'm still smarting about that loves I can tell you.  He's not getting a card now.

However in the spirit of all things romantic and Valentinesque, this morning I read about the thing above.  It's a Lover's Eye.  The idea evolved from miniature portraits that were worn as jewellery, quite the thing for the Georgians apprently. When the Prince of Wales fell in love with a Catholic widow the idea of just showing his beloveds eye was born out of a need to keep their relationship secret as only the wearer would know whose eye it was. I like the idea.  I think if Allanis wore an impression of my beady little eye around his neck he might come home with the actual dry cleaning rather than a bag of chocolate that he refuses to share. Just a thought.

The eyes tend to be embellished really beautifully, gold and pearls and diamonds.  I love a bit of glitz for interiors, No 74 would look like a mini Versailles if I didn't reign myself in.  I have tons of images of rooms with gorgeous gilding and a bit of opulence going on.  Shall we?...

I could really do with a mirror like this in my life

This looks like the smallest sitting room in the actual world.  But hell!  Those are a niiiice pair of stools so I'm not judging.

A delicious looking salle de bains (too glammy to be called a bathroom)...

I wish my workspace looked this fabulous. I would be twice as efficient.

And this minx looks like she's got a guilty secret herself.  What has she got on under that coat?  Larks!  Clearly this is what happens if you have a glitzy room to sit in. 

And on that note, I'll be off.  Have a super weekend people! x

{images via: estefania, daily dream decor, coco & kelly, decorista}


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