caught my eye

Don't worry!  He wasn't burglar!  I hadn't gone quiet because my laptop had been nicked. He was a window cleaner, albeit a tardy one.  He arrived a day late. I had almost given up on him by yesterday afternoon and was thinking up ways to tempt Allanis up a ladder at the weekend but crisis averted! No 74's windows are now positively GLEAMING and our TV and what nots are still in situ so all together, still a success I'd say.

The Baby is still rather humourless.  Unless he is sat in his high chair banging spoons.  That makes him really quite jolly so there shall be more of that.  Despite it being a eveeeeeer so slightly testing week, here are a few non interiorsy things that have caught my eye...

Now my beloved friend SG and I are OBSESSED to the point of distraction about achieving perfect height at the crown for our barnets.  Shallow?  No, not at all it is IMPORTANT. So this font design appealed, because obviously someone else thinks so too..

Andy Mangold has designed The Pompadour, and it is quifftastic.  It is available for download for any of you that may be in the market for a font.  Lost Type is a brilliant concept, basically a co-op font shop where you can pay what you feel the work is worth, have a look. (They have other non-bouffe related fonts also.)  Interestingly my fringe is getting in on the act and has decided to model itself on the jaunty diacritic that is The Circumflex.  I look as though I am peering though curtains.  Note to self: book haircut.

I also saw a series of photographs by Sally Dennison who takes self portraits an then digitally alters them to transform her image into 'someone' completely different.  It's sort of Cindy Sherman by photoshop, but the images are pretty arresting and despite us all knowing that almost everything is touched up these days it's still amazing to see just how much one person can be digitally altered. There are more here.

And then I saw that Yayoi Kusama's Obliteration Room comes to the Tate on the 9th.  This has been all over the internet with people saying it's maaaaarvellous!  I don't get it.  I'm fine with this stage...

but then we get to here and it makes my head itch. 

I'm all for encouraging creativity but The Baby will be kept away from sticky dot stickers until he is, like, 29 just in case he see this and gets ideas. That is all. x


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