called to the bar

I have missed this whole Mad Men thing.  Never seen it, don't get it.  But apparently it's influencing a new trend...a resurgence in cocktail hour.  I mean I wouldn't know if they partake of a cocktail on Mad Men or not, as I said, never seen it, I haven't got a clue who that lot in the picture even are but I'm all for a cocktail so hurrah to that.  I worked as a cocktail bartender for about a month before getting the sack because I was terrrrrible.  I couldn't remember what went in what and tended to serve everyone with a take on a Rusty Nail and hope for the best.  I didn't mind being sacked because I was finding increasingly irksome when sniggery boys would come to the bar and ask for a Screaming Orgasm or if they could have Sex on the Beach,  I suspect the majority of these chaps will die virgins, such was their delight in saying such risque words OUT LOUD TO A REAL LIVE GIRL!!!!  Tsk.

Despite the month I spent faffing about with measuring cups and chopping mint vigorously and shaking things about in something that looked like half a thermos flask, I am still as a loss as to what Angostura Bitters actually are.  I would like to find out and then indulge in a cocktail of an evening with Allanis when The Baby has taken to his bed.  And if I'm going to cocktail right I need one of these....

A bar cart!*  Do you love it?  Now, is this an American thing because I haven't seen these in actual shops apart for things that can we wheeled outside.  I don't want to go alfresco thanks, I want this indoors as a permanent fixture. I'm going to have to keep extra vigilant at antiques fairs I reckon although I love the sharp lines of this new looking one...

Style Carrot have listed their favourite 40 but I'm not shipping one over from the US.  I'm not that crazy for a cocktail.

Another idea is to use the console table I have nestled in one of the dining room alcoves and make my own.  I saw these two images and love them.  I could use one of my 50,000 silver trays to like, put barish stuff on.**

This is my fave.  I really like the gold against the dark wall.  Delicious. 

Obvs I'll need to glammy bit up a bit too so I'll whip on something like this...(not the hair though, cripes chief!)

...and no doubt make up a shambolic attempt at a Rusty Nail that will get thrown away and we'll have a beer but you know, let's dream big loves.  Have a super weekend. x 

{images via: lottie blue, fantastic frank, the decorista, rue}

*  I would do something about that ugly lamp wire though.
**No one has need for as many silver trays as I own. Except perhaps a butler, but even then...


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