lofty claims

Hello loves.  Today has been a challenge.  The Baby has had a sense of humour failure.  He has a little tooth about to erupt He Is Not Happy.  There has been much gnashing of gums for the last two days and not much time for musing about interiors, but this evening I plonked myself down with a G&T and the latest Living Etc for a little relax.  And I saw this....

{wallpaper; white brick, Koziel at Rockett St George}

It's actual wallpaper.  According to Rockett St George's website "with this white brick wall paper you can create an amazing, Manhattan loft style in your home, it really has to be seen and sometimes touched to be believed".  Really? I don't think it would have that effect in No 74.  I mean...

I would take a bit more than faux brickwork to get a loft vibe.  It would take actually owning a loft.

As for the paper itself, I can't decide if it's inspired and quite brilliant or beyond ghastly.  You? x

{images via: access decorati, chichomecouture, cococozy, cocodet, notreloft}


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