Thursday, 23 February 2012

ms matthews' wonderwalls

Did you watch the Brits?  Allanis and I did.  Through our fingers whilst going 'AGGGHHHHH' every time a presenter popped up to ramble and forget what category they were announcing or when any acceptance speech was made.  We watch things like that as a form of torture in our house, can't bear it really but we are grimly fascinated.  You know like on Come Dine With Me where The Host does entertainment and they get a really rubbish band in or a dance troupe or something and all the guests are MORTIFIED but The Host is there just loving it?  We love to shout 'AGGGGHHHH' at things like that and flap our arms around and say 'MAKE IT STOP!!' It makes us feel alive.

Anyway The Brits always make me think of Oasis and Blur and all that jazz, which in turn made me think of Supernova Heights.  I used to live a few streets away from it in glorious, leafy Belsize Park.  I never spotted  either Gallagher or any of the Primrose set but I did regularly see Nicholas Parsons which actually was by far preferable.  He has a spectacular way with a cravat that Mr Parsons.  I salute him.  Anyway obviously Meg 'n' Noel sold it  (Supernova Heights that is, stick with me) when they split up and annoyingly I can hardly find any images of it at all in all it's ostentatious 90's glory.  But perhaps that is actually for the best. 

Whilst searching I read that Meg Matthews is now an interior designer.  Really?  Ho. She does quite a nice line in wallpaper, available from Liberty, but I'm not sure her style is up many people's rue when it comes to interior decor.  Niche let's say.  Here is Meg's bedroom for example:

That's a whoooole lot of Wonderwall right there.

And the bathroom.  Now I love me some black walls but I'm more your Jenna Lyons kinda gal than this. Is that lamp corsetted?

I do love this chair though.  And that little thing next to her,  the bear thing.  I love those, who makes those?

Liberty also stocks her silk printed scarves which are really nice and she is designing for Dwell so things are going nicely for Ms Matthews.  I've always rather liked her. And look how pleased she is with her pineapples. 

Here are some other fantastic rock and roll inspired interiors that are perhaps less...niche.

The ubiquitous rock and roll skull...

It's all about the chairs. Mustard awesomeness.

LOVE the matte black metros.

There is a disco ball on the shelf. Ergo, rock and roll.

Glammy bathroom for vain types.

A pool for the groupies. Nice!

Night y'all. x

Monday, 20 February 2012

that's a lauder mid century

I know, it went very quiet last week.  Why?  Because The Baby's sense of humour is back.  As Leonard Cohen once sang, haaaaaaaallelujah.  So we were out having fun most of last week, leaving me very little time for all things interiors.  Calm is now restored though and normal service can resume.  (Thank. The. Lord.)

Apart from my boy being a smiler again, it also made me happy to spot this last week.  I first saw Aerin
Lauder's Aspen home last year and it has been lodged* in my mind ever since.  It has done the rounds on the blogosphere I know, but let me just indulge myself for today.  I mean, just looking at it makes me feel calm.  The light flooding in through those huge windows is glorious and the spare yet luxurious decor is divine.  Nice collection of nicely warm toned midcentrury modern furniture too Ms Lauder! I salute you.

I read aaaages ago that she has launching a lifestyle line.  Has that happened yet?  Anna Wintour was reportedly going to be advising.  Amazeballs.  I mean I'm quite sure with La Wintour on board I wouldn't be able to afford a single thing but we can dream can't we.  For now shall we gaze at the ski lodge and sigh?

{images via: this is glamorous, ugly t-shirt, refinery 29)

* It's a ski lodge yes, but that was not an intentional pun. (For once.)

Friday, 10 February 2012

called to the bar

I have missed this whole Mad Men thing.  Never seen it, don't get it.  But apparently it's influencing a new trend...a resurgence in cocktail hour.  I mean I wouldn't know if they partake of a cocktail on Mad Men or not, as I said, never seen it, I haven't got a clue who that lot in the picture even are but I'm all for a cocktail so hurrah to that.  I worked as a cocktail bartender for about a month before getting the sack because I was terrrrrible.  I couldn't remember what went in what and tended to serve everyone with a take on a Rusty Nail and hope for the best.  I didn't mind being sacked because I was finding increasingly irksome when sniggery boys would come to the bar and ask for a Screaming Orgasm or if they could have Sex on the Beach,  I suspect the majority of these chaps will die virgins, such was their delight in saying such risque words OUT LOUD TO A REAL LIVE GIRL!!!!  Tsk.

Despite the month I spent faffing about with measuring cups and chopping mint vigorously and shaking things about in something that looked like half a thermos flask, I am still as a loss as to what Angostura Bitters actually are.  I would like to find out and then indulge in a cocktail of an evening with Allanis when The Baby has taken to his bed.  And if I'm going to cocktail right I need one of these....

A bar cart!*  Do you love it?  Now, is this an American thing because I haven't seen these in actual shops apart for things that can we wheeled outside.  I don't want to go alfresco thanks, I want this indoors as a permanent fixture. I'm going to have to keep extra vigilant at antiques fairs I reckon although I love the sharp lines of this new looking one...

Style Carrot have listed their favourite 40 but I'm not shipping one over from the US.  I'm not that crazy for a cocktail.

Another idea is to use the console table I have nestled in one of the dining room alcoves and make my own.  I saw these two images and love them.  I could use one of my 50,000 silver trays to like, put barish stuff on.**

This is my fave.  I really like the gold against the dark wall.  Delicious. 

Obvs I'll need to glammy bit up a bit too so I'll whip on something like this...(not the hair though, cripes chief!)

...and no doubt make up a shambolic attempt at a Rusty Nail that will get thrown away and we'll have a beer but you know, let's dream big loves.  Have a super weekend. x 

{images via: lottie blue, fantastic frank, the decorista, rue}

*  I would do something about that ugly lamp wire though.
**No one has need for as many silver trays as I own. Except perhaps a butler, but even then...

caught my eye

Don't worry!  He wasn't burglar!  I hadn't gone quiet because my laptop had been nicked. He was a window cleaner, albeit a tardy one.  He arrived a day late. I had almost given up on him by yesterday afternoon and was thinking up ways to tempt Allanis up a ladder at the weekend but crisis averted! No 74's windows are now positively GLEAMING and our TV and what nots are still in situ so all together, still a success I'd say.

The Baby is still rather humourless.  Unless he is sat in his high chair banging spoons.  That makes him really quite jolly so there shall be more of that.  Despite it being a eveeeeeer so slightly testing week, here are a few non interiorsy things that have caught my eye...

Now my beloved friend SG and I are OBSESSED to the point of distraction about achieving perfect height at the crown for our barnets.  Shallow?  No, not at all it is IMPORTANT. So this font design appealed, because obviously someone else thinks so too..

Andy Mangold has designed The Pompadour, and it is quifftastic.  It is available for download for any of you that may be in the market for a font.  Lost Type is a brilliant concept, basically a co-op font shop where you can pay what you feel the work is worth, have a look. (They have other non-bouffe related fonts also.)  Interestingly my fringe is getting in on the act and has decided to model itself on the jaunty diacritic that is The Circumflex.  I look as though I am peering though curtains.  Note to self: book haircut.

I also saw a series of photographs by Sally Dennison who takes self portraits an then digitally alters them to transform her image into 'someone' completely different.  It's sort of Cindy Sherman by photoshop, but the images are pretty arresting and despite us all knowing that almost everything is touched up these days it's still amazing to see just how much one person can be digitally altered. There are more here.

And then I saw that Yayoi Kusama's Obliteration Room comes to the Tate on the 9th.  This has been all over the internet with people saying it's maaaaarvellous!  I don't get it.  I'm fine with this stage...

but then we get to here and it makes my head itch. 

I'm all for encouraging creativity but The Baby will be kept away from sticky dot stickers until he is, like, 29 just in case he see this and gets ideas. That is all. x

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

tangerine dream

I found a window cleaner today.*  I stopped a man carrying a big ladder in the street and asked him "Are you a window cleaner or a burglar?" "Errr.  A window cleaner" he said pointing to his bucket.  "Oh hurrah! I thought you looked too jaunty to be a burglar! Will you do my windows?" I bellowed back.  I am officially morphing into a character from a bloody Enid Blyton novel.  It is mortifying.

The Baby still has no teeth, nor much of a sense of humour.  In an attempt to bring some sunshine into No 74 today I had a trawl through images looking for some lovely bright rooms.  I hadn't noticed before but I had tonnes of pictures of rooms with pops of orange which is odd, because I really don't like orange.  Well I didn't think I did, but evidently I do.  Weird.  (I also have an aversion to the use of the word 'pop' when describing a bit of colour in an otherwise neutral room but I have just done that too.**)  What is becoming of me loves?  It's The Baby's Giant Sense of Humour Failure that's to blame I am sure of it. 

Anyway, here we go...

Now I remember bookmarking this and LOVING that trouser. Allanis would not walk with me if I were to sport a pant that bright though I just know it.

This one is more subtle, but it's there.  Orange and fur? I would never have though I'd like that, and yet I sort of do.  I think.  Not the cushions though, eugh.

I love the Eames DSW.  I would love a great big battered wooden table surrounded by them in the kitchen. Classics.  And even in orange! Who'd have thunk it?

Agghhhh  I love this so much.  When I have my massive table and Eames DSWs I will also have a shower room like this. I mean, REALLY!  Phen. Om. Enal.

And then there's this.  THE WALLS LIGHT UP!  I can't even manage to get sixteen pictures hung and these people have got WALLS THAT LIGHT UP and pictures.  Man!  I need to up my game, seriously.

I might not have walls that light up, or pictures hung but I will have clean windows tomorrow.  Unless he was a burglar.  Hmm.  I'll let you know. x

*    I have been trying to find a window cleaner for the last eight months.  By 'trying to find' I mean I have repeatedly told Allanis in increasingly exasperated tones "WE NEED A WINDOW CLEANER" and then have done nothing more about it. So this is a possible triumph for me and my fenĂȘtres.

** I just think it's a bit overused, you know? 

{images via: coco & kelly, estefania, fantastic frank and a forgotten source - sorry}


{image via: the coolhunter}
I wish wish wish that I owned this to wheel The Baby out in for his daily constitutional.  It is actually tremendous.

Monday, 6 February 2012

lofty claims

Hello loves.  Today has been a challenge.  The Baby has had a sense of humour failure.  He has a little tooth about to erupt He Is Not Happy.  There has been much gnashing of gums for the last two days and not much time for musing about interiors, but this evening I plonked myself down with a G&T and the latest Living Etc for a little relax.  And I saw this....

{wallpaper; white brick, Koziel at Rockett St George}

It's actual wallpaper.  According to Rockett St George's website "with this white brick wall paper you can create an amazing, Manhattan loft style in your home, it really has to be seen and sometimes touched to be believed".  Really? I don't think it would have that effect in No 74.  I mean...

I would take a bit more than faux brickwork to get a loft vibe.  It would take actually owning a loft.

As for the paper itself, I can't decide if it's inspired and quite brilliant or beyond ghastly.  You? x

{images via: access decorati, chichomecouture, cococozy, cocodet, notreloft}

Friday, 3 February 2012

gilty secret

Obviously Valentine's Day is coming up.  Yadda yadda.  I am not feeling particularly romantically inclined towards my husband at the moment.  Yesterday he came home from the dry cleaners with a bag of fun sized chocolate bars.  I had rather expected him to come home with the dry cleaning, but no matter. So we sat down with a coffee whilst The Baby napped (I know we should have been doing the picture hanging, I know) and he opened the chocolates.  Holding onto them as though he was doing an exam and I was trying to crib his answers he said 'Whaddya want? Crunchie, Fudge or Caramel...there are Chomps but I'm afraid I can't give you one of those because they're my favourites.' I'm sorry what?  'You CAN'T give me one because they're your favourites?  I am your wife!' I said.  'Yeah. Hmm. Sorry. Have a Crunchie though, you like those.' Well!  I'm still smarting about that loves I can tell you.  He's not getting a card now.

However in the spirit of all things romantic and Valentinesque, this morning I read about the thing above.  It's a Lover's Eye.  The idea evolved from miniature portraits that were worn as jewellery, quite the thing for the Georgians apprently. When the Prince of Wales fell in love with a Catholic widow the idea of just showing his beloveds eye was born out of a need to keep their relationship secret as only the wearer would know whose eye it was. I like the idea.  I think if Allanis wore an impression of my beady little eye around his neck he might come home with the actual dry cleaning rather than a bag of chocolate that he refuses to share. Just a thought.

The eyes tend to be embellished really beautifully, gold and pearls and diamonds.  I love a bit of glitz for interiors, No 74 would look like a mini Versailles if I didn't reign myself in.  I have tons of images of rooms with gorgeous gilding and a bit of opulence going on.  Shall we?...

I could really do with a mirror like this in my life

This looks like the smallest sitting room in the actual world.  But hell!  Those are a niiiice pair of stools so I'm not judging.

A delicious looking salle de bains (too glammy to be called a bathroom)...

I wish my workspace looked this fabulous. I would be twice as efficient.

And this minx looks like she's got a guilty secret herself.  What has she got on under that coat?  Larks!  Clearly this is what happens if you have a glitzy room to sit in. 

And on that note, I'll be off.  Have a super weekend people! x

{images via: estefania, daily dream decor, coco & kelly, decorista}

Thursday, 2 February 2012

hotel, motel, holiday inn

Did I get the pictures hung? No.  Did I spend a large proportion of my evening moving furniture around in the spare room in an attempt to make it look bigger?  Yes!  Did it look bigger?  Of course not.  Did all the furniture go back to it's original place, because after all that's where it makes sense for it to be. Yessss. Damn.  Picture hanging tomorrow, serioulsy.

In other news, I read that a new hotel has just opened in London.  Belgraves is in, wait for it...yeah Belgravia. Tara Bernerd has done the interior design.  Would you take a look at her?  

If I had a hotel I would let her design it simply for that arm cuff alone.  I love that. She's all, yeah I'm classic and cool in my white shirt and then BAM what's that? A slightly saucy arm cuff?  Bravo that girl!

Belgraves is the Thompson Hotel group's first opening in Europe. Bernerd has gone for a dark and masculine aesthetic which I like.  I always want hotel rooms to look pristine and edgy because that is most definitely not what my bedroom at home looks like as you know, and vive la difference and all that.

The bathroom is a bit too marbleated* for me but that looks like the kind of shower that you would spring out of jauntily just because it's so clean and fresh looking and that is never a bad thing, is it?

Belgraves also has a bar & restaurant called Hix.  It's logo...

reminds me of...

Just sayin'!  Anyway, I'm off up to bed in my non pristine, unmasculine bedroom.  La bonne nuit mes chĂ©ris x

{images via: thompson hotels, tara bernerd,sarahandbendix etsy shop}

* Is not a real word. I was clutching at straws for an adjective and it's late.  Forgive me.