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Allanis is on holiday at the moment and so he is privvy to what The Baby and I get up to in the day.  He now knows how much of our day is spent lolling about playing with Captain Calamari and Noisy Puppy (him), drinking cups of tea (me) and watching the telly (both).

Homes Under the Hammer's theme tune struck up this morning whilst I was trying to post food into The Baby's mouth and he batted me away, actually squealed with delight and burst out laughing looking from me to the TV as though to say ' BUT LOOK MUM!  LOOOOK!' I tried to ignore him and pretend I didn't know what on earth he was taking about but of course Allanis saw straight through that. Bother. I didn't realise quite how many house programmes we watched during the day but apparently it's quite a lot. I suppose we should be keeping up with the Night Garden and shows of that ilk but I like to tell myself that I am equipping my son with all the education he might need should he venture into property.  For instance I am sure he has learnt how one might tackle a nasty case of dry rot simply by osmosis and today we discovered how to search for damp by tapping a wall with a car key "now THAT'S useful!" I told him.  He looked at me rather earnestly and I am sure, made a mental note.

Most daytime TV property shows are frothy and light but Channel 4's Restoration Man is on at night and is Therefore Serious.  I like the presenter George Clarke.  He doesn't adopt that superior tone with the featured self builders that basically implies they're doomed to failure and are making appalling aesthetic choices.

One episode in particular was incredibly moving.  Pete and Nikki Fagg set about saving and restoring a crumbing, roofless windmill that had been in Pete's family for years, inteding to transform it into a family home.  During the build Nikki because seriously ill with cancer that she had beaten once before.  Sadly, during the project Nikki passed away and Pete continued the build alone.  

The finished product was an amazing property that was all the more inspiring because of the love and dedication that had gone into it.  This is a property with soul.  The photos don't do it justice which is a shame, I wish there were more.  The marriage of stark new glass nestled against ancient brickwork is stunning and completely transformative. The interior design was inspired, playing up to the curvature of the windmill itself with a gorgeous circular kitchen (and some incredibly impressive tiling in the en suites - whoever did that should be on every renovator's speed dial.)

I wouldn't recommend most of what The Baby and I watch during the day but I would catch up with this series if you are interested in architectire and self builds.  This is a brilliant example of how impressive restoration can be and how amazing a home becomes when infused with love.

{images via@ channel4}


  1. Oh Captain Calamari gets a mention. Yay! How is the salty sea dog?


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