you bevelled believe it

Dermot O'Leary was on the radio yesterday.  Whilst he was being interviewed his girlfriend (and I assume a gaggle of burly types - surely not her alone) were moving house.

I felt emotional!  Dermot's house was featured in Living Etc a while back and I fell in love with it.  It's modern simplicity with perfect touches of glamour (bathroom anyone...?)  Certain elements of it remind me of our very own No 74 (in that it has walls, a floor, a roof...) and I felt inspired seeing that kitchen. Perhaps one day we could do something similar to make our dark and pokey little cuisine into something as bright and airy and inviting.

Dermot and his girlfriend also unwittingly helped me out during our bathroom remodel.  I spent weeks searching for the right metro tile.  I was obsessed with the degree of bevelling at the edges.  I could try to explain why but it's a long story and it would be better if I could elaborate on just how bevelling can cause me such distress in person.  (I do a lot of wincing and gesticulation and although it still probably wouldn't make sense it might be more entertaining).  Anyway, I thought I would have to go verrrrry high end for the right tile which set Allanis off doing a lot of pacing and muttering about price per square meter whilst wringing his hands and and then I saw the angle that the light had hit Dermot's tiles in the kitchen pic and I thought 'YES!  THAT IS THE EXACT BEVEL FOR ME' 

Don't you just love it when that happens?  When Dermot and his girlfriend help you find your EXACT BEVEL? And would you Adam and Eve it, they're only from B&Q and were the cheapest I looked at.  What a result. I hope Living Etc hurry up and get some pics done of the new pad because my kitchen seriously needs tackling and Dermot might come up trumps again.  I am relying on you O'Leary.

{images via daisyspotter & living etc}


  1. Gosh, what a lovely house. It really is gorgeous. Not something I would want to live with, I don't think, but stunning to look at. I want colour and clutter and cosyness. But if you do this to the lovely no 74 I would very happily come and admire it!


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